APL Apollo Tubes Limited is the largest producer of Electric Resistance Welded (ERW) steel pipes and sections in India, with a capacity to produce more than 1.3 million tons per annum. It caters extensively to the region and exports to over 20 countries globally.  The company’s vast distribution network is spread across India, with warehouses and branch offices in 25 cities.

At APL Apollo believes in pioneering changes to cater to an ever-evolving economy by infusing superior cutting-edge technology and innovation. Founded in 1986 in the capital city of Delhi, India it has catapulted its growth over the last three decades by introducing a range of new products, improvising quality, increasing productivity, benchmarking the entire product line and eventually gaining the mind space of a large number of customers, therefore, redefining the market space for steel pipes business.

The organisation believes in measuring its success and pushing its limits through regular review and feedback generation. Customer centric approach and best practices from across the globe enables the organisation  upscale the core business with creativity and purpose.

The Company’s products are certified by reputed international agencies like SGS (France), CE (Europe) etc.  It has received the Recognised Export House status and is also ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007 certified. Additionally, all our products are BIS – marked.


  • To lead the process of transformation from commodity to value added consumer products.
  • To meet consumer requirement with high quality products, at competitive price.
  • To lead the pipe usage segment and emerge as a one-stop-shop for largest spectrum of steel tubes and to attain pole position.
  • To create sustainable value for all stakeholders.

Quality & Management

The company follows a stringent quality policy with a robust quality management system and is accredited with ISO 9001, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007 besides being CE, UL and SGS France certified and received the Export House status. A comprehensive quality check is carried out at all stages raw material procurement to end product, ISI-marked delivery.

The company invested in share of the art technology ensuring the finvest product quality and production efficiency. The quality checks include a hardness test, flattering test, tensile test and drift test, among others. The mills installed online non- destructive testing and eddy current testing to check tube defects like cracks, pin holes, open welds, voids, inclusions, concentrated porosity, weld defects, mechanical damages, opened-up skin laminations, deep pitting and parent material defects.

An ABC analysis comprises a graphical comparison of production parameters with standard norms. The company strengthened its quality management system by outsourcing different kinds of checks from NABL and other approved labs. The company is one amongst very few companies in India with a CE marking, strengthening exports to Europe. The Company also received certifications from SGS Group (France) and Underwriter Laboratories.

Research & Development

We strengthened our research through a comprehensive SWOT analysis. We inspired our research team to embrace a challenging agenda. We accelerated the introduction of new products. We made existing products better than competing alternatives. We enhanced quality to drive the health of our customer businesses. We established product lines in tubes for scaffolding purposes

Research is the principal driver behind our ability to create new products. adapt new applications. strengthen processes. create markets & enhance share.

Quality Policy

We are committed to :

  • Growth with customer by providing full customer satisfaction through product quality, support, timely deliveries & develop, operate safe, healthy & clean environment.
  • Comply with ISO 9001: 2008, ISO 14001:2004 & OHSAS 18001:2007 requirements, all applicable Quality Management, environment, health & safety legislations, prevention of ill health and injury, interests of all stakeholders, prevention of pollution, and continual improvement in the effectiveness and performance of Integrated Management System by improving process work practices and risk minimization through objective driven targets.
  • Integrated quality safety, health & environmental matters in all existing activities and future planning.
  • Create & enhance awareness among employees, society and other stakeholders about environment protection, minimization of waste, wise use of energy, water & other natural resources, improve skills & competence of our employees and contractors so as to enable them to demonstrate their involvement, for sound IMS performance.
  • Allocate sufficient resources as required for the implementation of the policy.


We have hugely invested in Technology. Japanese Technology is installed at all manufacturing locations. Our mills have been designed on latest technology provided by Kusakabe, Japan, who is the world leaders in welded Tube mill technology. We installed high-speed mills based on advanced technology from Kusakabe, Japan accelerating the cost-effective manufacture of a wider product range.

The result was a pioneering extension into the manufacture of pr-galvanized tubes with in- house coil galvanizing facility, opening up new markets for the Company. We leveraged advanced Japanese technology in the manufacture of ERW and galvanized tubes with welding accomplished by equipment imported from the US. The Company manufactures its products addressing the entire range of Indian, American, British, European and Japanese quality specifications.

Our continuous investment in technology resulted in :
Low Down Time, Break Downs, hence availability of plant for production is high.
Better Yield-against industry average of 92-93% yield, use of Japanese Technology can provide upto 98% yield.
Proper synchronisation amongst machineries provides excellent products. Due to superior designs, layouts, the automation within various equipments of the plant, we receive better speed, enhanced production level, consistency in quality etc.

Hfiw Process

APL Apollo products are manufactured by the High Frequency Induction Welding (HFIW) process. The manufacturing process also known as the cold forming process (non expanded) used HR and HRPO strips, sourced from modern hot strip mills. In the manufacturing process, the coil slits goes through the MIG welder while a steady flow is assured from the horizontal / vertical coil accumulator. Cold embossing is done at the beginning of the stage with the APL Apollo seal of quality / reliability.

HR coils are used to manufacture steel tubes and pipes. The coils are used are first slitted into strip of desired sizes to manufacture different sizes of pipes. Strip move through entry guide, strip leveler and pass through the tube forming sections where a conventional U shape is given. After this, the strip passes through final forming sections (FIN set rolls) and shapes as rounded followed by the High Frequency Induction Welding (HFIW) at the edges to complete the weld formation including its heat effected zone.

External heat projection (slags), which is generally called as weld bead are then removed along with the contour of the pipe to get a smooth uninterrupted surface. Similarly, the internally projection of the weld shall also be removed by the same process whenever its needed.

After this process the pipes passes through cooling zone where its cooled down by spraying RO water. The oval shapes tubes passes through the sizing stands where the sizes of the product is controlled as per buyer needs and specification norms. Pipe is then cut into desired lengths by friction / cold saw cutter.

Plant & Machinery

APL Apollo is the only pipe and tube manufacturing in India that has a pan India footprint with seven production facilities spread across the country in Hosur ( Tamil Nadu), Bangalore (Karnataka), Murbad( Maharashtra), there in Sikandrabad, (Uttar Pradesh) and Raipur (Chattisgarh), along with a network of over 600 dealers and 40,000 retailers enables a countrywide presence in over 300 towns and cities.

The wide geographical reach offers APL Apollo a competitive advantage to service your requirements at a shorter lead time, across the country.


APL Apollo Tubes Limited is one of the largest galvnised tubes suppliers providing high quality products like Pre galvanised Tubes, Hollow Sections along with Special Products like Single Door Frame, Double Door Frames, Window Sections, etc. which find widespread applications and uses in industrial, infrastructure and construction sectors.


Construction is one of the fastest moving industries in the country today and APL Apollo is a proud contributor to the sector.

Fire Fighting

With our new-age applications for steel, APL Apollo has designed corrosion free fire fighting pipes that can withstand high pressure applications and be used effectively in fire-safety applications.


From small mechanised implements to drip irrigation and water distributor systems, pumps and water conveyance tools, APL Apollo has attempted to make an effort towards the modernization of the agriculture sector.


The Automobile Industry has been witnessing rapid growth in the past decade. APL Apollo provides advanced products such as Precision Tubes and Hollow sections which can be used in the manufacturing of cars, truck and bus bodies.

Solar Energy

APL Apollo has a range of products available to meet the growing and much needed green energy requirement in India.

Smart Technology

APL Apollo has always been at the forefront of innovation with smart technology that is implemented across our various manufacturing locations.

Green Energy

APL Apollo is as committed to the health of the planet as it is with delivering world class products to clients. While expanding our product base and client reach, we practice means of sustainable production.

Safety First

At each of our manufacturing units, we stringently comply with ISO 9001: 2008, ISO 14001:2004 & OHSAS 18001:2007 requirements for quality management.
The company?s products and process quality are endorsed by the following certification:

ISO 9001:2015
Integrated Management System

ISO 14001:2004
Environment Managment Systems

OHSAS 18001:2007
Health and Safety Management System

IS 1161:
Structural Application

IS 1239:
Water and Gas Application

IS 3589:
Water, Gas and Sewerage

IS 3601:
General Engineering

IS 4270:
Water Wells and Casing Pipes

IS 4923:
Structural tubes for infrastructural purpose

IS 9295:
Idlers for conveyors

The Company has prestigious accreditation like Underwriter Laboratories, CE and SGS France and is a recognised Export House. All its products are endorsed by Bureau of Indian Standards and British Standards.