Alakhnanada Plywood Industries Pvt. Ltd. Was started in the year 1996. Now it has grown to become a leading manufacturing of panel products in North India. The company has been awarded with ISO 9001:2000 & ISO 14001: 1996 accreted by joint Accreditation System of Australia & New Zealand. API & Arawali is a famous throughout India.

It is not only because of its prestigious ISI & ISO certifications but also because of Its unique, Unmatched quality and durability. Company has placed for it-self in the industry with its impeccable quality that last a lifetime. It has a state of the art, plant equipped with the modern machines. It has a sophisticated R & d laboratory, where skilled professional continuously work for quality up gradation.

The company adheres to strictly quality check at every stage of production for the acquisition of the raw material to the final finishing. No Wonder, each and every product that comes out of the plant bears API mark of Quality.


We look beyond today to envision the wood of tomorrow. Because quality outcomes depend on quality people, we seek to attract and nature the best people to deliver superior solutions to our customers.

  • Incomparable strength properties, which makes it to resist any weather conditions.
  • Unmatched durability, which gives long lasting protection that, is why we call it longest living ply.
  • The use of best quality extender called Mela-Hyderomine in spite of using Maida GNCP and other form of extender with resin gives more improved bonding strength to our ply with glossy appearance on the face.
  • The edges of ply are sealed with exterior quality wood coating, which prevent extra moistures and other destroying insects to enter.
  • The Use of DUSAN wt-50 along with Glue makes our product free from the attack of insect and borer.


  • 100% Boiling water resistant (Phenol Bonded)
  • Free from de-lamination(All Weather Proof)
  • Borer Free
  • Termite Resistant
  • Warp Free
  • Uniform thickness & dimensionally stable


R & D is the main instrument for delivering ambitions in the technological innovation and supporting its future.