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Apds Qutub

Location: New Delhi, Delhi, India

Project Work Status: Completed Projects

Project Completed: 2009

The site of a former lounge bar and night club, required both extensive re - conceptualization and re - construction of the existing space. Within it were accommodated spaces for hair and beauty treatments, styling and make up.

Located on the second floor of the hotel, the space was conceived of as having two inter-locking volumes, ten feet and eighteen feet high, that enabled optimum lighting conditions which were to be a defining factor for the successful working of the salon. Within and around these volumes were organized spaces for hair cutting, and styling, make up, a jewelry store and changing rooms, spaces for pedicures and manicures, along with a host of administrative spaces. The insertion of two mezzanines, augmented the available space.

Steel trusses inserted between the floor plates to brace the building against seismic activity on one end of the main work space were exposed allowing for a voluminous and awe inspiring space for the cutting of hair while the encasing of the trusses on the other was motivated by both the desire and the need to accommodate within the smallest possible carbon foot print the essential services necessary to make a world class salon.

The two available entrances, one accessed through a lift well and the other through a staircase were maintained. Each defined a complimentary spatial experience. The first characterized by an eighteen foot long mirror allowing both the receptionist and customer to play voyeur on one side while a fabric clad eight foot high wall opposite it compressed the space laterally while still maintaining through a fourteen foot ceiling height a sense of controlled expansiveness.

Perpendicular to the lift entrance and accessed from the stair well, the hair cutting salon presents itself from under a mezzanine as an unprecedentedly voluminous interior space. The red trusses coupled with the red hair cutting stations and hair washes render the space dramatic.

Both entrances converge at the reception behind which a central wooden console bifurcates the main work space into two functionally segregated spaces, one for hair cutting and the other for hair styling and make up. The consoles undulating profile allows for the individuality of each space while maintaining an undiluted cohesiveness throughout.

The two mezzanines, the fabric wrapped box enclosing the changing rooms along with the interlocking wooden slatted screens have as instruments in an orchestra at various points asserted their presence, constantly engaging with and capturing the imagination of its audience, while the delicately proportioned space through its inherent clarity and ease of comprehension belies a much greater spatial complexity.