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Apartment Scheme At Dalhousie
Apartment Scheme At Dalhousie
Apartment Scheme At Dalhousie

Location: Dalhousie, Himachal Pradesh, India

Project Work Status: Ongoing Projects

Cost: 210 Lacs

Area: 21,000 Sq.Ft

Client: Aggarwals

Project Started: 2010

This housing sits on a 40 degree sloping site facing the beautiful snow cladded pangi valley. Our intention was to create a new style of communal living which can strengthen a relationship between nature, public and private space. This scheme consisted of 12 two bedroom apartments and 6 three bedroom penthouses which take advantage of the entire height gained by the attic space facing the pangi valley on the north. No extra effort was put in to make radical changes to the topography, but rather to make use of the natural inclination which this site offered. To merge the building into its surroundings a part of the structure was sunk into the ground to keep the height down. The layout consisted of two blocks of building connected by walkways and bridges. The symmetrical plan allows for intentional gaps, which function as Plaza areas and have the effect of uniting the building. The recreational area, T.V room and table tennis room overlook this plaza making it more public. The first block splits itself to create a grand double height entry connected at the penthouse level. A small food court is planned at the foot of the site to keep the place vibrant and lively at all times. Locally available stone shall be used for masonry work along with glass and aluminum frames the root is semi- arched in pipe frame and galvanized sheet, inside of which is cladded in wooden planks which are locally and readily available