Searching for perfection is really a tough thing. But it becomes so easy when there is Apartment 9, a complete solution for the designing process of an interior. The innovation led by the team of Apartment 9 is simply has a class which is quite different from the others. In the interior we provide furniture, upholstery and other home accessories for the clients and even modified in case of their choices. All we can say, Apartment 9 doesn't follow the market trend as it sets the standards of the market.

 Apartment 9 is mainly based on Noida, where it has a complete range of world-class 1 furniture factory and 3 textile factories to operate. The designs here presented are mainly for the common people of the country and affordable even. Not only it has a complete unique design but also it is blended with fine technologies of the west. Some of the famous clients where Apartment 9 exports its furniture's abroad are like Andrew Martin, Pottery Barn and Crate & Barrel. And else Apartment 9 premier partners in Paris Maisen & Objet are another feather to add in its hat.

Manufacturing Facilities

Some of the manufacturing details are like-

Woodwork- the woodwork is the base of the designs or the layout extracted from it. The compositions of the raw materials are based upon it.

Structure- the structure is the main theme that will hold the design as our company specialize in making such a theme that will last long.

Buffing- finishing a giving it a perfect touch is the final step of the completion of the furniture's as the price depends upon this.

Else Paint Finishing where the finishing touch is done through the paints in the furniture is done. Upholstery and Uphold preparation is the other two vital steps to be followed while doing this.