A bathroom is such which completes the perfection of a house. To do so, here we present AONE House, a complete store of sanitary fittings with deluxe choices. Established and based in INDIA since 2004, it has its headquarters in Surrendergarh, Gujarat which is also known as the porcelain capital of the country. The company believes in perfection & not in compromising thus it has such delightful models which mesmerise any viewer around the globe.

One of the most important complements from Mr. Lilyas Sekh stated that AONE sanitary products not only sets a class of standards but also improvise with new technology and modified designs also. Thus the rural life also becomes Fashion- warm as the urbanite lifestyle also touches them through AONE sanitary wares. Else the comfort and easy manual system makes them more appropriate as it goes by. According to MR. Liyas Seikh, not only it promises as the new trend in the city but also concerns about the safety of life along with the best service in the business.

Market Cover

AONE HOUSE's role as market leader in its business sector is witnessed by the ability of its products catalogue to respond to the most diverse needs. Its various product ranges, components and accessories form an integrated system based on design principles informed by constantly updated research into aesthetics, functions and technology

With more than 100% of its turnover being generated by exports to 20 different countries, AONE HOUSE is well placed to compete in the global market.