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Anthropocene Museum
Anthropocene Museum

Location: Noida, Uttar Pradesh

Project Work Status: Proposed Projects

The site is located in sector- 62, Noida and is 5 km from the city center, 1.5 km from NH- 24 and 2 km from the nearest metro station. It is flanked by 45 m wide roads on two sides and an 80 m wide green belt which serves as a strong pedestrian axis. The setting allows for great pedestrian and vehicular access to the museum at both city and precinct levels.Museums are in a position to portray the environment of man and his dependence on it.

They can demonstrate the complex inter relationships among organic and inorganic components that constitute not only our physical environment but our cultural and technological environment also.Exhibitions specifically designed to focus attention on the environment can be very effective in making man aware of his responsibilities to preserve it.

Concept and Ideology
Architecture is the only human intervention that can portray the symbiotic relation that man and environment share in both physical and symbolic manner. The initial inspiration for the design is from the natural landscape itself with slopes representing mountains and planetarium; the rising sun.

Planning and Design
The Environmental gallery showcases various natural spheres that surround us. It explains the sciences behind our environment and how we relate to it. The Human Interventions gallery showcases various technological inventions and innovations man has been responsible for. The Impact and Interactions gallery explains in detail; how our inventions and technological advancements have interacted and impacted the environment. And finally the Realization and Conservation: the concluding gallery, this is where we realize our mistakes and recognize the significance of our environment and educates ourselves with the ways by which the environment can be saved and replenished.