Anshu Choudhri

Anshu Choudhri

spARCH Studio is the home to design ideas conceptualized and executed by Anshu Choudhri, B.Arch. M.S.Arch. A gold medalist from Mumbai University; a graduate from Academy of Architecture, Mumbai, India Anshu pursued her masters at Pratt Institute, NY.

The educational trajectory in the two parallel cities of Bombay and NY have opened the doors to a different reading of architecture and design and hence influenced Anshu?s approach to Architecture.

Architecture by her isn?t perceived as a standalone entity but an amalgamation of various arts and sciences. This perception strongly influenced her area of interests in her thesis at both graduate and post graduate level. Philosophy art and sculpture tie up with the Sciences and Math?s in her expression of design.

With keen interest in the fabric of the city of Mumbai and an architect?s contribution to the same Anshu explored the eastern waterfront for an urban renewal project for her thesis and was a winner at the Regional level at NIASA. For her Graduate thesis she explored the subnatural terrain of the Mumbai Marshlands.

Her goal is to engage with the city as a designer from the micro to the macro scale.

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Anshu Choudhri