An innovative idea by Anand Mohan Shah turned into reality when he launched Ankur Lites Mfg Co in 1982. Since then, Ankur Lites have excelled in industries of Health and wellness, hospitality and many residential and commercial projects.

In the last three decades, Ankur Lites has proved its dominance by providing lighting solutions and manufacturing lights for the big guns of the market like Bajaj and Phillips.

We take pride in serving our customers with our wide range of quality products starting from elegant Chandeliers, decorative hanging lights, fancy wall lights, eco-friendly and efficient LEDs all the way to simple and day to day lights.

We have a team of young and energetic professionals who are enthusiastic about their work and are always willing to work on new ideas to make your world brighter and better.

We build relationships here.
Every project we work on is a dream for our client and our motive here is to enlighten your dream. This is our passion and that reflects in our work and that is when we achieve satisfaction :)