Ankita Dabholkar

Ankita Dabholkar

Like most refined individuals, she didn?t generally recognize what she needed to do with her life, however she knew that whatever it was, it needed to keep her charmed, challenged and busy.

After gathering 4 years of experience and acquiring her degree in interior design from garware Institute of Mumbai University. Her energy towards interior designing and her vision of making distinctive interior space drove her to open up her own particular firm, with her emphatic nature of finding practical and aesthetical satisfying plausibility even in the most muddled circumstance drives her through her desire.

She has a sharp eye for assembling things with flawlessness. She trusts her capacity to give finish arrangement at each phase of plan. With degree in interior design and relational abilities she has possessed the capacity to channel her energy and innovativeness to figure outline which bid to our customers. She partakes fastidiously from the begin to the finish of each outline arrange.

She?s mindful to overcome any issues between the merchants/providers and the customers and guarantees quality inside the time allotment. Her well disposed and liberal conduct help to comfort our customers and influence the plan to process paramount and positive.

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Principal Interior Designer & Founder

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Ankita Dabholkar