Anil Chavda

Anil Chavda

Arch. Anil Chavda, the Founder and Principal, is an alumni of the esteemed J.J School of Architecture (Mumbai), having graduated as an Architect in the year 1980.

Early on, in his career he was involved in various projects in the exhibition design sector, after which he steadily moved into various other sectors and set up his full time practice in Mumbai in the year 1985.

Thereafter, he founded and consistently fueled the growth of Anil Chavda & Associates, which has now become a much respected and sought after practice. His commitment to the firm and its clients is evident through his accessibility and strong leadership, which has resulted in long lasting relationships with clients and his staff alike.

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Founder And Principal

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J.J School of Architecture
Graduation in Architecture | 0 - 1980

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Anil Chavda