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Angel High School
Angel High School
Angel High School
Angel High School
Angel High School
Angel High School
Angel High School

Location: Hazaribagh, Jharkhand, India

Project Work Status: Ongoing Projects

Area: 65,000 Sq. Ft

The Challenges

The opportunity to spark this initiation presented itself in form of Angel High School, Hazaribaug 65000Sq.Ft of planning state-of-the-art, CBSC Curriculum in lush terrain of Jharkhand. Construction on-going in phases since its opening in 2009.

Design Pradigm:

A great source of affirmative experiences....  Experiences which are collective stories of many associations, of teachers, of students, of friends, of hobbies & interests. Experiences born out of spaces of interaction, spaces of knowledge transfer, or spaces that overlook other spaces that invite soak in bright light and bask in soft breezes spaces that encourage play of shadow & make the green meet brown!


A library, Latin origin for the word as "liber" or a book is an organized collection of information resources made accessible to a defined community for reference or borrowing. And apart from facilitating for these referencing from books, computers and other advanced sources, providing an architecture environment which enhances and furthers this notion is equally important. Such an environment should create an aura of cognizance, comprehensions and curations to promote fulgent individuals of tomorrow.

Double Heights Spaces

Progressive steps as informal seating for comfort and visual connectivity within upper and lower sections of the library. A spectrum of colors over the risers to enhance the gradation of levels. Informal seating inside library spaces engaging students so as to let them stay and enjoy studying and reading for longer hours. Redefining shelves and stacking for books to make it an interactive enclave.E-libraries introduced to stay technologically futuristic.Future proof design features facilitating raceways for electronic and data cabling at every workstation.Student efficiency of prime concern of every school is attended. Vibrant colors in neon blue to create vigor even in a disciple area like a library.

Dance and Music Rooms

Encouraging activity rooms like dance and music with efficient flooring and acoustics. Mirrored walls for dance room with performance area and green room area with prop storage. Loose seating bright in color which adds to the foreground for the wooden flooring recommended for being comfortable to feet while dancing. Music room with wall acoustic paneling with brighter shades and graphics related to musical waves and music idols. Ample storage areas for the musical instruments. Group performance areas and recording rooms with acoustics monitored. Different sections for Indian classical and western classical music.

Computer Rooms

Student efficiency prioritized with maintenance and user space. Design of the computer table with a modular ergonomic features for two students facing the teaching wall. The subtle use of grey in the vinyl flooring gives a background for the brighter shades used on the table and wall paneling laminates. Space utilization for the computer screen and managing wires for the computer efficiently taken care of by the computer table design. The tables being child friendly with no sharp edges. The technical support storages with electrical backup and sever spaces neatly stacked in battened shutter storages at the end of the room.