Anemos was the god of wind of the ancient Greek. To modify its name from there, in recent times Anemos is one of the most reputed companies in the world who manufactures designer fans all over the world.  As the dynamics of the technology is turning, the company of Anemos has brought a revolution in the world of fans. In recent times, there is not only the usage of ceiling fans any more but there are many more types as well. It has now been one of the most essential part of the interior decorating of a room even.

From a simple model to sophisticated designer class, Anemos has a variety of every choice. From the beginning of this 21st century Anemos has produced some delightful models, which has mesmerised the experts even. Lights are the new trends adding up with the fans. The ceiling fans are now decorated with sub-sequent lights to decorate the room even more sophisticated. Else the three bladed fans are now back-dated even. The recent trends are about adding number of blades in it to make it more powerful. With a great luxury of design and an easy installation process, the technology has been modified, but the quality is not compromised at all. This are the main secrets of the rise of Anemos in the recent market.