Anchor has been among the prime moving force in the consolidation of the sector involving manufacturing of electrical products in India for more than 50 years. The sector has moved towards becoming an organized one largely because of presence of Anchor, and consequently electrical accessories have been able to share the exposure enjoyed by products in the mainstream commerce. Anchor has been able to achieve so much during the last five decades because of the values it has come to represent such as Safety, Trust, and Reliability, which has allowed it to grow into the second largest conglomerate in the electronics industry from its humble beginning. However, although the years, it has maintained its commitment towards manufacturing quality electrical products, and revolutionize the electrical accessories market in India.

The merger between Anchor and the Panasonic Corporation of Japan has helped in bolstering its presence as one of the leaders in this market both in India, and in other countries neighbouring her. Moreover, Anchor has always remained committed towards conserving the environment by producing eco-friendly products which helps in adding value to people’s lives without causing any damage to the Nature. The Panasonic founder’s ideology, ‘Konosuke Matsushita’ has had profound impact and been the driving force behind the everyday operations at Anchor. The ideology reiterates the important role the company must play as a public entity through its business to be able to contribute towards the betterment of the society. Thus, Anchor has been at the forefront of evolving a more environmentally conscious lifestyle for its users, which is both safe and sustainable for the future.

Apart from allowing Anchor to absorb the eco-friendly approach of Panasonic, the merger of the two has also brought about a happy marriage between the technological prowess of one and the immense distribution strength of another. In fact, the product portfolio of Anchor at present reiterates this fact with the availability of over 3000 different products existing across product groups. The presence of a vast distribution network ensures proper distribution throughout the length and breadth of the country with the help of more than 5000 dealers, and 450,000 retail outlets.

Anchor has remained focussed upon dominating the electrical accessories market and playing a leading role in the development of infrastructural facilities in the country. The recent acquisition of the infrastructure and security giant, Firepro, has underlined this deep commitment. Anchor has been able to widen its horizons in terms of inorganic growth and the market it caters to with the help of this acquisition.

Anchor enjoys an extensive portfolio in terms of services and products its offer to its customers. This includes substantial exports to the countries neighbouring India with the exports division always being alert to the needs of developing products specifically suitable for the terrain. The list of products it exports includes switches & accessories, switchgear & protection devices, wires & cables, as well as, state-of-the-art lamps and lights under both Anchor and Panasonic brands.

Mission & Vision Statement

Anchor is truly unique for having a deeply held commitment towards improving people's life by producing innovative and high quality products that are also energy saving and eco-friendly for ensuring a more sustainable future for all. Corporate Values

Their unique corporate values have set us apart from all other business entities in this field
  • Integrity & Honesty
    They have a solemn pledge for maintaining the most ethical, honest, and sincere standards while conducting business dealings involving both their internal and external relationships.
  • Innovation
    They pledge their wholehearted support towards the development of innovative and entrepreneurial ideas.
  • Teamwork
    They believe in nurturing an environment that fosters better teamwork because people are the key differentiator for them.
  • Adaptability
    They believe in remaining adaptable towards the ever-changing conditions, and take care to develop products that can act in harmony with those changes in nature to ensure utmost success for all their efforts and endeavours.
  • Accountability
    They believe in remaining accountable for all their actions, and remain objective in their transactions, which can help them earn respect from others.
  • Customer Focus
    They believe in surprising our customers with the quality of their services, and in the process make them more loyal towards their relation.
  • Social Responsibility Their primary commitment lies towards making a positive and constructive contribution towards the community. They pledge to abide by all the environmental and legal norms for the sake of community development and progress.

Manufacturing Facilities

Anchor has made the utmost effort in implementing the ideology propagated by Panasonic's founder to ensure maximum production of the best quality products for making positive changes in people's lives. In fact, all the manufacturing facilities run by Anchor in the country have nothing but the latest equipments manufactured by the best names in the business to stay true to its commitment to maintaining quality.

Atpresent, Anchor employs more than 10,000 people spread across its four manufacturing bases in India located in Daman, Kutch, Haridwar and Roorkee. These facilities occupy an area in excess of 1.6 million sq. feet, which provides the perfect opportunity to manufacture all the raw materials in-house. The production of even the smallest of metal parts right up to various sophisticated electronic pieces helps in maintaining the consistency of the finished products. Moreover, the recently commissioned factory in Daman has earned the distinction of becoming the first green factory for the brand by following the green guidelines.

  • Switches & Accessories

    The ISO certified factories in Daman and
    Haridwar are the manufacturing bases for the production of switches & accessories. Moreover, the presence of state-of-the-art moulding, assembly, and inspection facilities, along with in-house facilities for monitoring the quality of the finished products helps in consistently meeting the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) stringent benchmarks.

  • Switchgear & Protection Devices
    The manufacturing facilities at Daman and Haridwar, equipped with latest manufacturing equipments, are responsible for churning out best quality switchgear and protection devices.
  • Wires
    Anchor's wire & cables come from two of its most modern units, the Daman and Kutch ones. The use of superior equipments and latest cable technology, along with various innovative measures such as the Energy Management Systems helps in producing the best quality products while reducing energy consumptions.
  • Fans
    The Dhamdachi factory in Gujarat meets all the requirements of the ISO 9001:2008 benchmarks to produce the best quality ceiling fans with high of level of consistency and continuous improvements in the product range.
  • Lighting & Luminaries
    The modern manufacturing facilities at Kutch and Roorkee have the most contemporary testing facilities for producing an extensive range of lighting and luminaries with unparalleled quality and design. In fact, the Roorkee unit has achieved a country first by setting up an in-house spiral CFL unit dedicated towards the manufacturing of Spiral CFL lights directly from the glass shell.


Total Quality management has always been at the forefront of Anchor's focus, and this continuous effort has resulted in receiving widely industry benchmark certifications such as ISO 9001-2008, ISI mark, and CE. The stringent quality checks carried out all of the manufacturing facilities cover all aspect and stages of manufacturing right from the selection of raw materials to the final packaging and dispatch stages.

 Anchor has always felt proud for being such as respected name in the field of electronic solutions providers, and this has led it towards opting for innovative and cutting edge ideas to ensure best eco-friendly standards during manufacturing. Moreover, streamlining of the production process has also led to minimization of the production wastes, and better conservation of energy and resources. In fact, products from the stable of Anchor has surged ahead and met the ROHS or Restriction of Hazardous Substance benchmark, which is equal to any European standard quality measurement. 

Anchor remains committed towards maintaining highest quality and introducing best practices in the manufacturing of electrical products.


Anchor's products are exported in the neighboring Indian markets and it's active exports division constantly aids it to identify the products suitable for the terrain. It currently exports its switches & accessories, wires & cables, switchgear & protection devices, and state-of-the-art lamps and luminaires under the Anchor as well as Panasonic brands.

For all export enquiries; you can contact :
    Mr. Dharmesh Trivedi
    Tel: +91 22 30418888 Ext: 765 / +91 9323793105
Please ensure that you mention the following in detail with specifications so that we can immediately facilitate the order process.
  • Company name with a brief company profile.
  • Company address
  • Contact Person and designation
  • Product requirement
  • Market location
Product Design

Product Design

The 'Panasonic Vision' range of switches and accessories added another feather in the cap for Anchor Electricals Pvt. Ltd. It is awarded with the prestigious IF award for excellence in product design by the International Forum of Design for 2012-13.

'IF' awards are globally acclaimed across various industries and are awarded for excellence in three domains of design which are Product Design, Communication Design and Packaging Design. Only a product that meets the stringent criteria of IF such as excellence in functionality, manufacturing method and design is nominated by the jury panel of global experts to receive this award.



SuperBrand is a distinguished organization that has established itself globally. It has managed to direct appreciation towards itself and is currently paying tribute to the finest brands present throughout the world. Even with its notable existence in the market, SuperBrand continuously acknowledges the persistence of custodians towards building their brands. It also helps these custodians stay resilient without worrying about the current economic conditions.
Business Superbrand

Business Superbrand

Anchor has been honoured as a Consumer Superbrand four times in a row and has proven itself as a Business SuperBrand in India.
Most Trusted Brand

Most Trusted Brand

Anchor's Lighting Business Unit was recognized as the 'Consumer's Most Trusted Brand in Lighting' and is also a proud winner of the 'Most Trusted Brand' award. Consumers themselves voted for the winner of this award in a survey conducted by the renowned magazine 'Reader's Digest'.

Over a period of 14 years, the Reader's Digest Trusted Brands survey has brought a number of trustworthy Asian brands to light. This is a trademark event for the magazine in Asia and is quite popular worldwide too.

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