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Anar Chemical Factory
Anar Chemical Factory
Anar Chemical Factory

Location: Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

The chemical factory, office extension and gatehouse was an early commission.

The location is an industrial complex. Usually, such a program would be purely utilitarian with little opportunity for architectural expression. Here, the two-storey office facade is given a noble treatment: a grand entry opens onto a skylit central foyer. While many industrial buildings are lightweight, this building has the authority of solidity and mass, which is suggested by the plastered brick fins.

Modelling on the main facade also creates patterns of deep shadow in the bright sunlight. The rippling fins protect windows and reduce glare. Climbing vines growing in built-in planting boxes provide a sense of cool refuge from the heat of the plain. Where the use and manufacture of chemicals are concerned, the key requirement is to ensure ample open space for fumes to disperse. The warehouse, storage for raw materials and pulveriser room, in contrast, needed to be enclosed.

Maintenance was also a specific consideration. The factory regularly releases acidic fumes, and the space requires additional coats of paint periodically. A courtyard performs well, especially in summer, cooling the ground and first floors and bringing in light. The courtyard also ameliorates the industrial factory character.