Anand Kulkarni

Anand KulkarniStarted his own Anand Kulkarni Associates in year 1976at Kolhapur after working with reputed architectural firms for few years. He started his practice with small residential projects. After struggling for a half decade he started two firms with different partners in Kolhapur and sangli to explore and expand. He worked for many large projects such as townships, industrial, residential, etc. also he worked as panel architect for Karad Municipal Council and Gadhinglaj Municipal Council for almost a decade. During this time he completed large government proposals like integrated development of small medium towns(IDSMT) forImphal, Manipur, Sangola,Kurundwad, Kagal, Gadhinglaj,Karad,Pandharpur,Sangli,Kolhapur, Sawantwadi. He also was a design jury member for final year in architecture colleges in Shivaji University for 5 years. In year 1996 he started to concentrateonly on his own firm, cancelling all other partnerships. Now he works with his son as a partner in their common firm 'DESIGNEX', from 2010. Both work together with huge scale projects.

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Anand Kulkarni