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Amusement Park Aqualand

Location: Mulshi, Maharashtra, India

Pan India Parade. Aqualand Draft Report by Advance Strategies, HOK Software Weather tool by Square One Research Project Architect: Arris Architects Pvt. Ltd.

AQUALAND visitor Centre shall be a world class building that shall blend the strong vision of Aqualand with Aesthetics and qualified SCIENTIFIC PASSIVE strategies and techniques which shall be a constant source of inspiration and benchmark for the future Partners of Aqualand. Our efforts are to preserve the existing natural beauty of the site and continue to enhance and embellish the forest greenway utilizing the space with integration to the natural site. An overall approach to design in order to generate and underscore the sentimental values and exploit the potentials of aqualand.

The proposed location of the visitor centre is located to the south of Mulshi Lake at an approximate altitude of 900 meters above sea level. The site is locate in a rural setting and has no substantial structures nearby which might potentially cause overshadowing or micro level wind directional changes. A detailed site analysis was carried out using the Weather Tool software developed by Square One Research. The results of this study, guide the design process in a climate sensitive manner, making the best use of the available site conditions. The sun path diagram, detailed wind analysis, its direction & speed-pressure along with Rain water analysis, contributed in strict design parameters. Inclusion & execution of those heavily influenced the architectural blue print of the site development.