Amit Marbles Pvt. Ltd. has been serving the residential and commercial stone industry since 1989. From complex large scale commercial projects to simple residential projects, we are having experience in all areas of the marble industry.

With its International team of distributors and manufacturer representatives, Amit Marbles Pvt. Ltd. can serve the entire country with the industry's most comprehensive line of Natural marble products. Literally millions of square feet of these dependable imported marbles and granites appear in major malls, institutions and commercial and residential interiors in every corner of the Delhi NCR region and almost all over India. Noted for their affordability, durability and range of color, these are the products that specifies and contractors have depended upon for more than a generation.

We Amit Marbles Pvt. Ltd. are dedicated to bring the finest marbles from around the world to you. We are known for the exceptional quality and finesse of Marbles we offer, along with an exclusive collection of Marbles and Granites from places like Italy, Egypt, Spain, Turkey, Brazil, Mexico, etc. which are hard to find anywhere else.

We are focused on superior client services and dedicated towards offering quality products at all times. We work hand in hand with the customer to ensure that the customer gets best value for money. Stringent quality checks ensure that the product is of high quality and is durable to ensure customer satisfaction.

We offer stones in lively colors and unique texture and are processed for both interior as well as exterior applications. Our attractive range can be floored to encompass living rooms, drawing arrangements, dining spaces, hotel lobbies, pool sites, wall claddings, lounges and many more. Our wide range of designs, classic to modern and antique to contemporary, gives our clients numerous choices.

Client relationship is at the top of our priority list, we have a team of highly experienced Quality Supervisors at each level who check and assure quality at each & every stage, starting from block selection to the shipment and to the final delivery of the product to you, catering to the needs of our customers at a competitive price with better quality.

We have supplied marble to both large scale construction as well as small sites. Some of our major clients include Ambience Group, J P greens and many more.

Vision & Mission

To become a trend setter in the Marble Industry offering exclusive range of marbles at exceptional quality and price. We strive to provide best customer service and to build a relationship with a client that lengthens beyond delivering a valuable service.

Our Mission is to provide suitable marble to the customers as per their requirements while maintaining the quality of the product. We want to be the one stop shop for all types of marbles of all colors and origins for commercial and residential purpose.

We offer you Cut-to-size (C2S) imported marbles. This concept has helped many of our customers to use imported marble which may not be affordable otherwise. Our offer is unique because unlike others we can give you uniform tiles cut from slabs of the same lot. This concept has been appreciated by Architects and Interior Designers. The wastage percentage gets reduced drastically when one uses Cut-to-Size marble, making it extremely pocket friendly. One can design elegant geometric and artistic patterens.What we need is size of the area to be covered; we will take care of the rest. Mentioned below are the few prices of cut to size lots:-

  • Botticino Classico
  • Botticino Crema
  • Perlato Sicilia
  • Perlato D.Martino
  • Statuario
  • Thassos White(SIZE 2-0X1-0) A+
  • Thassos White (SIZE 2-0X1-0) A
  • Thassos White (SIZE 2-0X1-0) B+
  • Thassos White (SIZE 1-0X1-0) A+
  • Thassos White (SIZE 1-0X1-0) A
  • Thassos White (SIZE 1-0X1-0) B+
  • Grey William

Exotic Finish

Amit Marble presents you the exciting finishes which can give your marble, granite and other stone an exciting and distinguish look. It also helps your stones to present in such a way that it gives wholly a different look which helps in providing at all a newer natural look. Below are some fashionable finishes for your dream natural stones and marble.

Polished- Polished is the smoothest finish on stone, typically only on harder more dense stones. The fullest character and color comes thru on polished products. Normally interior usage as it can be slippery when wet. Polished is more of a dramatic elegant or contemporary look with a feeling of cleanliness because of the high shine. Residentially used in all areas of the house and bathrooms. Commercial applications in main areas such as hotel and condo lobbies, entrances to high end buildings like casinos, banks, auditoriums, museums, cathedrals, churches, temples, court houses and other government buildings. Polished stone requires more up keep and maintenance to maintain its shininess. Also used on vertical surfaces those are inside or outdoors.

Honed/Hone- Very smooth satin finish but not shiny. Has a flat smooth look and does not reflect light like polished marble. Requires less care then polished stones as it will not show as much scratching of the surface. It is also less slippery. Applications are the same as polished stone but with better wear ability and can sometimes be used exteriorly depending on the stone itself.

Sandblasted- A machine is used to apply a high pressure "blast" of sand to the stone etching its surface. The texture is very similar to that of a concrete sidewalk. Sandblasted stone can be use anywhere. It is highly slip resistant and very durable making it ideal in wet areas such as pool decks, steps and common areas.

Tumbled- This is a very popular process of rounding and chipping of the edges of the stone in an irregular format done once it has been cut down to its desired size. This is surely done in a mixer or other container while the stones themselves rub, knock and beat against each other. This process gives the appearance of a classical, ancient sometime old world look. Tumbled stone is used widely indoors or outdoors.

Cobbled Stone- Chiseled edges and brushed finish. The edges of the stone are either hand or machine chipped, splintered or slightly fractured. Then the stone is brushed with a coarse wire brush smoothing out the rough spots on the surface and the edges also enhancing the color of the stone.

Antiqued- This finish is an old world reclaimed stone look. The stone resembles stone reclaimed rvom the roads, walkways and cou5 yards of Europe, Jerusalem and ancient cities.

Bush Hammered - A mechanical process that dimple the surface of the stone making it very non-slip. The finish is one step rougher then sandblasting. This treatment can be used anywhere exterior to interior.

Brushed- Brushing of the stone with a coarse wire brush. This technique smoothes out the rough spots on the surface and also enhances the color and character. It can put a slightly semi shiny finish to the stone. Depending on the brushing and the type of stone it can also be used outdoors

Flamed- A process of applying very high tempetures to the surface of the stone using a commercial blow torch. Although a similar finish like bush hammering which put dimples on the surface; flaming takes chips or scales out of the surface. The high heat makes the stone surface scales pop away from the stone. This finish is very durable and very non-slip. Its applications are anywhere vertical or flat.

Leather Finish- Leathering starts with a honed surface and adds texture. Additionally, it closes the pores of the stone (compared to honing) and retains the color better than honing. A leathered finish has a soft sheen but is not as reflective as a polished surface. The amount of texture produced varies from stone to stone and some extremely uniform stones will not leather at all. On a very dark material such as Absolute Black granite, leathering is preferred to honing because the resulting finish is very uniform, preserves the majority of the stone's color, and is much easier to maintain than a porous honed surface.

Lappato Finish- This finish is mainly offered in glazed porcelain material. Since in most of the cases the layer of glaze is very thin, we cannot apply a full polishing process. The light polishing is carried out the same way as polished version, but the brushing is very light or just on the peaks of the tile surface to create the shiny-rough look. It has very exclusive look which gives you combination of matt and glossy finish.