Are you searching for perfection Here we present American Standard Asia-Pacific, a complete solution to your bathroom fittings with a complete perfection. Occupied over 4000 delivery men, It produces such products that amuses the user with uncompromised qualities and customised designs.

The American Standard based on the bathroom fittings and equipment's provides all kinds of deliveries with the perfect timing. The company products comes with an advance modified technology and superior design to attract any people. It makes one so mesmerise that it sets the mind and body both to rest. Its products comes in various ranges like wash basins, bath tubs, toilet bowls and other bathroom essential accessories. Else it provides bathroom furniture's to complete decoration of the interior bathrooms. It has some vibrant characteristics that separate it from the rest in its class like anti-microbial glazes, low-lead faucets, unique flat jets in bathtubs, as well as anti-leak faucets and powerful flushing technologies.

American Standard in co-operation with Tostem, Inax, Shin Nikkei and Sun cooperation together merged and come up with a new company called LIXIL Corporation. The word LIXIL resembles life with living as it symbolises that. It works under the JS Group, which is the main company working over it. All over American Standard is a company to look out for. 

Manufacturing Facilities

Asia Pacific Production Foot Print
  • Strong Production backin from American Standard's in-house capacity of 7 sanitary ware & 2 fittings plant ensures timely supply for big projects orders.
  • In-House Capacity assures international level quality commitment from American Standard.
  • Optimized Supply Chain Process and efficient inventory and sales planning guarantees service levels are maintained especially for large orders.

Gigantic Production Capacity
  • Sanitary ware: 5.6 Million Pieces p.a.
  • Fittings: 2.6 Million Pieces p.a.
Our Vision and Promise

We the LIXIL Group believe in achieving harmony between how humankind lives and the earth that we live on. We will conscientiously apply our environmental awareness across the entirety of what we create, how we create, and for whom we create a better living setting.

Take up the challenge of reducing our negative impact on the earth, make the most of the gifts that the earth has granted us, and heighten our wisdom for protecting life and nature.

Environmental education in Vietnam

In burgeoning Vietnam, environmental education activities focusing on water and targeting local children have continued since April 2007 in four regions, including Ho Chi Minh, through collaboration with NGOs.

Social contribution activates in Thailand

Activates undertaken since the Thai Factory was built in1987 include periodic blood donations, donation of used desk and new sashes to primary Schools, and disaster relief support, such as food, water, timber and financial contributions, for areas affected by tsunamis or major flooding.

Generating energy by mega-solar power generation facilities

Solar power generation facilities ware built on idle land in lwai factory , lbaraki, and Ariake factory, Kumamoto , and started operation in Factory 2011, as part of efforts to produce green energy.

Activities to conserve forests and trees

In order to maintain biodiversity employees and their families , together with the location community and municipalities , are involved in forest conservation and are planning trees within company grounds based on the nature vegetation of the area. LIXILS MANAGEMENT PHILOSOPHY LIXIL TETRA

LIXIL CORE Corporate Philosophy

The Group's superior products and services contribute to improving people's comfort and lifestyles.

LIXIL VISION Management Target

To become a global leader in the building materials and housing equipment industry

LIXIL WAY Our Promise

1. LIXIL Our Goal

Creating a sustainable lifestyle which is in harmony with the Earth.

2. Mission of LIXIL

Building "bonds" that lead to a good life.

3. Value offered by LIXIL

Creating a sustainable lifestyle which is in harmony with the Earth.

LIXIL VALUES Shared Values

The values shared by all employees

V-1. Ambition to achieve targets

V-2. Willingness to challenge and change

V-3. Speed to action

V-4. Progression & improvement

V-5. An open organization

V-6. Be sincere and fair-minded

V-7. Supremacy of quality

V-8. Eliminates inefficiency

V-9. Focuses on teamwork and individual development

The Principles We Apply

We the LIXIL Group will continuously improve our environmental management systems, we will employ ecologically responsible practices throughout our operations, and we will embrace vigorous communication with all of our direct and potential stakeholders.

Each of us, in the regular course of business, accepts a duty to uphold environmental regulations and prevent pollution. We will pursue actions to reduce carbon emission, enhance recycling of resources, and promote harmonious coexistence with nature.

Each of us, for our customers, undertakes to provide products and services that reflect and optimize the full bounty of nature. We will fully evaluate and explore, along with our customers, what should be the appropriate living setting for the times ahead.

Each of us, as part of a given area or society, seeks a deeper mutual understanding with the individual, civic, nongovernmental and nonprofit entities that are among us. We will, by emphasizing cooperation and dialogue, advance together our own