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Amerf Kolkata
Amerf Kolkata
Amerf Kolkata

Location: Kolkata, West Bengal, India

Project Work Status: Ongoing Projects

Area: 6,49,989 Sq.Ft.

Client: Ammerf

This is proposed by members of a Religious community trust as a Mixed program for Spiritual & Social gatherings, a School and other recreational facilities to serve the members of its community. This center is situated on Rajarhat Highway connector to the airport. The Community block is the main program which program consists of 2 large gathering halls , approximately 16000 sq ft each in addition to a usable landscaped terrace space on its roof. The Recreational block includes spaces for indoor Sports, gymnasium & pool facilities. The school which will be run by the charity occupies the one corner of the plot and an accommodation block for visiting members takes up the other.

Architecturally each of these programs is planned as independent self-contained units. The key element is a continuous GRC screen on the perimeter , which acts as a connecting device to tie together the disparate program , as well as wrap the circulation spaces of the building as a shading layer.