Brush is such item that is extensively used for cleaning purposes. The common notion associated with the brushes is the ones used in the households. However, that is not the boundary where the use of this item get restricts. The industrial sector finds wide use of these items on a regular basis. We, at Ambika Enterprises, provide you with top quality brushes that fulfill your industrial cleaning need in the perfect way. We manufacture top class industrial brushes and cylindrical brushes.

Some of the brushes have centre shaft while some are without the one. Our controlled environment helps in producing brushes that have accurate sizes. The manufacturing process of the brushes is maintained following high standards that ensures each product is flawless. Our wide inventory makes it possible to present different raw materials. Some of them are Hub or Core, Center Shaft and Filling Materials. We have also expertise in creating customized brushes in accordance with the particular requirement of the clients. Ambika Enterprises is a name that carries the mark of high-quality. Based in Faridabad, we always provide excellent items to the clients. Our business is associated with manufacturing of distinctive forms of industrial brushes.

Understanding the types

The items used for the purpose of household woks differs from the one used for the industries. We deal with both. While manufacturing, we ensure that each type is created in accordance with its specified guidelines. This helps us in providing the clients with the best. Our products follow a rigorous process of manufacturing. This is why they easily match the international standards. Besides being accurately crafted, they also show durability.

The aspect of pricing

Having in-depth experience of working in this industry for many years, we prepare prototype brushes in accordance with the specified need of the industry. We believe in staying updated about the new technologies concerning our industry along with that we also have vast pool of proficiency in this field. Our style is to blend both the aspects to ensure we manufacture such product that is high in quality, but low in price. We present you with international standard products at a competitive pricing.

The special touch

Our products have some specialty added that makes them stand out from the crowd. Here is the list of some aspects that makes our products unique and popular among the users.

  1. Our brushes last longer when compared with OEM.
  2. Our products reach the clients in right time.
  3. The Bristle or the strings of the brushes for industrial use have various varieties.
  4. We present the brushes in different types of dimensions as per the client’s need.
  5. We use different metaarial in our brushes that give them perfect competitive edge over others.

Understanding the requirement of the client and presenting products fulfilling that requirement is our standard.