Relativity, the term can be used everywhere as nothing is perfect in this universe. But when you are tending towards perfection, everything else has to be compromised. Setting examples from the 1978's the Ambadi's are the one, who are designing the perfect designs for home linens and floor coverings. As a part of the Murugappa group, one of the business tycoons of the country; it assures a complete care of the product with a quality that cannot be matched elsewhere.

The Ambadi's have their bases in the various cities of the country like Panipat, Badhodi, Kannur and Erode which spreads up like a web a connects the entire country. With an experience of working with all the famous designers across the globe, it has one of the finest perfections with no quality compromised in the business. As the market is rising, the Ambadi's are rising high as they have a huge demand in the market. And the best part is, they serve the best in the business. Thus they have successfully acquired the name of Ambadi's with the help of the Murugappa group.


  • 1978 - Company incorporated
  • 1980 - First Exporter of Hand Tufted Carpets
  • 1982 - Acquired Parry Murray London -the worlds leading supplier of design led furnishing fabrics
  • 1985 - Acquired a weaving mill to augment production
  • 1988 - Diversified product line to include Trimmings & Tassels
  • 1990 - Accreditation to 'WOOLMARK' standards
  • 1992 - First in the industry to be awarded the ISO- 9001:2000 certification by U.L., USA
  • 1993 - First gold medal for meritorious award by the Govt. of India
  • 1994 - First in the industry to be awarded the SA 8000 certification.
  • 1995 - Accreditation to 'RUGMARK' standards
  • 1996 - Established In-House Dyeing unit with integrated ETP
  • 2002 - Awarded Best Innovative Rug at the Atlanta Show
  • 2006 - Achieved 100% EOU status for the Bangalore Silk Manufacturing unit
  • 2008 - Achieved approved supplier status from "Target"
  • 2009 - Achieved approved supplier status from " Sears"

    Certified by  "GLOBAL ORGANIC TESTING STANDARDS" for Organic products