Every few years there comes an organization that redefines standards and revolutionizes the way we live. Alom Poly Extrusions Ltd. strives to be one such company where we create products using green technology for a ‘better tomorrow’.

Being a constantly developing company Alom Group has diversified into manufacturing corrugated polyethylene pipes for sewage, drainage and cable protection purposes. We are the pioneer in India for the introduction of Double Wall Corrugated (DWC) High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Pipes in diameters upto 1000MM ID. Our plant located at Banganagar, West Bengal has the latest plant and machinery and fully equipped QA laboratory for testing and establishment of high quality products. We are an ISO 9001:2008 certified company and aim to provide the most efficient products to our customers.

 DWC HDPE pipes today are playing a crucial role in developing urban infrastructure with applications extending from commercial, agricultural and residential drainage and sewage pipelines and recreational and capital improvement projects. These pipes are created by fusing twin layers of High Density Polyethylene, which are corrugated on the outside (for strength) and glass smooth inside (for optimum flow).

DWC PE pipes are used in all European Union nations, USA, UK, China, Middle East and elsewhere since 1968 and continue to successfully substitute conventional piping systems in sizes ranging from 50mm to 2000 mm in the cited domains.

Alom, for the first time in India, introduces for underground non-pressure (gravity flow) waste water transportation systems along with for cable conduits made to protect electrical and telecommunication cables.

Our Vision

Alom Poly Extrusions Limited (APEL) aims to be the leaders in plastic pipe production by creating the highest quality products that is preferred and most trusted.

Our Mission

  • Realizing the value of Indian infrastructure development as a foundation for Indias continuous growth and developing apt products to accelerate this growth.
  • Developing the most efficient plastic products by utilizing the latest and advanced technology and processes.
  • Maximizing resource efficiency and production through a well organized and disciplined team to deliver the best quality products.

    Environmental Policy

    APEL will:

  • Create products that help improve the standard of living and the quality of life for all
  • Constantly adhere to environmental regulations
  • Conserve natural resources by employing efficient processes
  • Adopt practices that are meticulously green and do not pollute the environment

    Quality Overview

    Our testing facilities are capable of performing the most stringent tests required for the piping system as per IS 14930 Part II, BSNL GR-34, ISO 21138-1 & 3 and EN 13476-1 & 3. These standards cover applications from electrical cable ducting to underground waste water transportation networks and piping systems. Our advanced infrastructure and focus allows us to maintain a superior product quality which can be constantly monitored and improved over time

    The most vital tests for double wall corrugated polyethylene pipes that can also be performed in our laboratory are listed below:

    These methods are adopted to ensure the highest quality during production, after production and after installation. WE ARE CERTIFIED WITH THE FOLLOWING STANDARDS:

  • IS 14930 Part II
  • ISO 9001: 2008 - Quality Management Certification
  • TEC GR/DWC-34/01 SEP 2007 - from BSNL for Double Wall Corrugated Pipes

    Quality Policy

    We at ALOM POLY EXTRUSIONS LIMITED are engaged with the manufacturing and supply of structured wall polyethylene pipes that constantly exceed customer expectations.

    We adhere to strict quality standards by adopting the best technology and continuous process up-gradations with most the competent persons and the highest quality resources.

    We believe in the involvement of all persons in the organization and continual improvement of all processes.

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