Alfa Ica (i) Ltd. is a public listed company having manufacturing facilities in Ahmedabad, a city in Western India having dry port facility including custom clearances. The company produces about 6 Million sq.mts. laminates in different varieties.

Alfa Ica is an ISO 9001 : 2000 certified company assuring highest customers satisfaction & with commitment of consistent innovation by introduction of new designs as well as finishes to feed the creative mind of interior decorators and furniture designers.

Alfa Ica is seriously committed to environmental needs and holds ISO-14001-2004 certification.

Alfa Ica (i) Ltd. is Government Recognized Star Export House, recognition provided by Government of India to companies fulfilling certain credentials.
Alfa Ica export high volumes to Europe, USA, Australia, Hongkong, Singapore, Taiwan, etc.


At Alfa Ica (I) Ltd, we pride ourselves in creating innovative Designs and Textures providing inspiration to Designers.

Simultaneously improving chemistry of Laminates has always been primary focus of the company and for this purpose New Technologies have been purchased by the company, including recently from -

  • Maxer Technology
  • Pietro Cassaghi (through Tocchio, Italy.)
  • Platts Laminates Technologies, USA.
  • Life-Material for Anti-bacterial, Anti-fungus technology

    Raw Material Sourcing

    All the papers including overlay, decorative papers (printed or solid) are sourced from world's best European suppliers to ensure right product standards and satisfactory quality acceptable to European and American markets. We source our decorative papers from Suddekor, Schatt decor, Chiyoda (Japan), Chiyoda (Europe), e2p France, Arjo Wiggins and Technocell.

    All foils are sourced by us from Feron, Germany.

    Even kraft paper for uniformity of resin absorption and for right cutting quality are sourced by us from Enso - Finland and Kapstone, USA

    Quality Inspection

    All the parameters of specifications are regularly checked for each consignment on regular basis and it is ensured that laminates are confirming EN438 and NEMA LD3.

    All testing equipments are perfectly at place for entire testing of incoming raw material, in process production as well as testing of final laminate product that goes to customers.

    All these parameters are strictly followed to ensure full customers satisfaction about quality.

    Test Certificates from accredited European Laboratories available on request.

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