Alexandra Christina H

Alexandra Christina HAlexandra has 16 years of experience in design and turnkey execution of architecture, interior and landscape design projects having had her own design studio, turnkey execution division and furniture manufacturing unit for 13 years catering to bespoke retail, office, residential and luxury residential projects for international clients from the U.S., Europe and South-East Asia.

Through her experience in the field of design and project execution, Alexandra believes that a project can only be considered successful, if the design intent is 100% aligned with the client requirement. She believes that the responsibility of a designer is to be able to understand the needs of the clients she is working for, even when they are not able to express them explicitly. Her approach to work with clients, whether in commercial or residential projects, is always of personal nature, as the collaboration between designer and client tends to be a working relationship over a period of months or years depending on the scale of the project and her focus will always be on the human interaction during a project roll out, whether she is involved with her clients or her teams.

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Alexandra Christina H