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Al-Fatah Tower

Location: Libya

Area: 106,647 Sq.Ft

Client: Falcon Group

The Al-Fatah tower in Benghazi Libya has been planned as the tallest building in Benghazi. The project comprises of a 5 star hotel, residences, offices, a shopping centre, cinema halls, a food court and an auditorium. It shall become the urban landmark around which the entire 23rd of july lake development has been planned. The above features make it the first iconic landmark building in Benghazi.

The strategic positioning of the tower ensures that the shadow does not fall on the adjacent sports stadium. The hotel units are arranged in such a way that they have views of the gulf / lagoon and their privacy is not compromised. All the public and recreational facilities are easily accessible. The positioning of the tower also allows for minimizing the cost of onsite parking and screening it from view. The back of house and service yard facilities are located in a discreet way so that they are visually and acoustically shielded from the guests. The design also envisages segregation of guest and service circulation and vehicular and pedestrian circulation.