Akshay Shrinagesh

Akshay ShrinageshAkshay is an animal enthusiast, and volunteers with various animal rights organizations, orchestrating animal rescue operations, and advocating against animal cruelty.

This interest and unique viewpoint has contributed to his involvement and subsequent design and planning of various structures in animal shelters around the NCR. Currently he is working with Help in Suffering (HIS), Jaipur, the Municipal Corporation of Delhi, the Noida Authority and various RWA?s of Noida to resolve urban and social issues pertaining to animal-human conflict, and community welfare.

Akshay?s passion for education and teaching the next generation of architects sees him actively involved with furthering Architectural education at various leading institutes of the country including the School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi.

Work Experience

Principal Architect

Education Details

School of Planning and Architecture
B.Arch | 1997 - 2002

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Akshay Shrinagesh