Since its inception in 1961, brand AK DANUM has carved out a singular niche for itself in the Indian bathroom solutions scenario. For over half a century, we have provided bathroom products, fittings, accessories and customized solutions for thousands of residential, commercial and corporate customers. And that with a single result – Sheer Delight.

Quality Excellence

When it comes to what our customers get, no compromises are possible. We never introduce half-baked product concepts without first rigorously testing them for quality, function and visual perfection. We source products from reputed manufacturers worldwide.

Design & Innovation

At AK DANUM, we believe function and beauty should merge seamlessly, and add surprise and value to your sanitation experience. Frankly, bathroom fittings not as inanimate tools just to satisfy sanitary ends. We believe that every bathroom ingredient is a living expression of its owners class and taste. So, along with stringent quality control, we emphasize sculpting innovative designs and bathroom dcor concepts. This spirit made us the pioneers of the Coloured Bathroom Fittings concept in India. Our passion to explore new trends, new technology and unconventional concepts in bathroom products makes our customers come back to us for refreshing solutions!

Solution Spectrum

AK DANUM is a veteran player that has stayed veteran inspite of rapidly changing markets and evolving mindsets of customers. The reason Adaptability and Versatility. From customized shower partitions for dry-bathrooms to simple ergonomic bathtubs, from the smallest brass connector to hi-tech sensor-enabled hands-free faucets, AK DANUM has a stunning variety of ready products. The company also offers expertise in customized bathroom solutions. The rising demands of our customers countrywide has led to a versatile inventory enough to fill up several catalogs. Of course, were only proud of those that fill up our customers hearts!

Along with product quality and visual elegance, what puts AK DANUM on a high pedestal is our After Sales Service. Our dedicated technical team is devoted 24/7 to resolve customer queries, service assistance and systems maintenance. Whats more, we like to team up with our customers in suggesting and customizing bathroom solutions to suit their home interiors. Today, AK DANUM's vast products reach lakhs of customers through branches in 26 Indian cities in western India. New branches in Delhi, Chennai and Ahmedabad are on the verge of inauguration. We attribute this enchanting success to the trust our customers have shown us.

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