A product worth making, we believe, is not merely decoration of an old concept, it is an original approach to a situation, seen through to its best possible conclusion. It’s a great idea delivered. It’s not the speech, or the accompanying booklet, it’s that moment when someone looks at your product and goes "Whoa!".

We hope to create a range of pieces that are not stand alone - they need user interaction because we believe our customers are intelligent, creative folk who would enjoy being inspired.

At Ajji, to remind ourselves of this, we whet all our endeavors with the SOUP philosophy : are they Simple, Original, User driven Pieces? Simple Is usually never simple to achieve and it can be quite frustrating when someone has thought up that idea before you, but we believe there is always a great idea that hasn’t been done yet.

User interaction is our personal design brief, or constraint, as it were. Additionally, we want our work to last forever, so we do use the absolute best materials that we possibly can- even in the nooks and crannies that you can’t see.

Over and above anything else, we are quite in love with what we do, we’re a bit stupid like that.

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'Upstairs', Bandra W, Mumbai, Maharashtra



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Owner: Lekha Washington

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