Ajay Pipes are the pioneered brand in UPVC Piping System and are credited for being the oldest ISI (BIS:4985) license holder in India. They are also the first to use State-of-the-art European machines for UPVC and CPVC pipe manufacturing which have become industry norm today in India. The company has stronger vision, responsible mission and flexible approach towards bigger breakthroughs in extrusion technology. They are accredited with various certifications like ISO 9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS 18001and the piping products are approved by ISI, CFTRI, CIPET, SHRIRAM INSTITUTE and BMC. They believe in providing solution rather than just being a product supplier by adding value through various technical services. The name and business strength that has been earned by the organization today, is due to the professionally equipped and able staff, who have a varied experience of the Indian market and good knowledge of serving the customers to their satisfaction. Each and every product is passed through rigorous quality checks to make it bug free and quality product.

Ajay Poly Pvt. Ltd. is the leading manufacturer of Refrigerator Door gaskets and Seals, Flexible Ferrite Magnetic Strips and Extruded Profiles in India. They have nine manufacturing facilities all over India. The company's products ranges from sealing systems for today’s energy efficient refrigerators, rugged, sophisticated magnetic profile, highly functional and decorative furniture components, both in rigid & flexible PVC and with or without polyester metallic foil strips on the surface.

1. Long History of innovation and customer delight: Ajay is an over 50 year old manufacturing organization with a focus on plastic extrusion and the oldest UPVC Pipe ISI license holder. The company is highly engineering focused with a mandate to offer only the best plumbing products in the country. Our products are designed to offer:

  • Better Ease of Use
  • Superior performance
  • Improved durability

    2. Manufacturing technology, Design engineering and Quality infrastructure: equipped with state-of-the-art machines and employing latest cutting edge technology, Ajay leverages its capabilities to achieve the highest performance possible from its products.

    3. Raw Materials: Ajay products are manufactured from advanced certified raw materials sourced from the most renowned US and European suppliers which help us maintain top quality and consistent performance in our products.

    4. Ajay Flowline Plus CPVC pipes and fittings for hot and cold water application incorporates the latest innovation in CPVC polymer technology which offers 25% higher pressure rating at elevated temperatures and substantially increased impact strength when compared to generic CPVC. Ajay Flowline Plus is the most certified CPVC system in India and its product range is approved by

  • NSF (National Sanitation Foundation, USA), an American agency involved in testing and certification of products concerned with Human health and hygiene. Ajay products are certified under the most stringent NSF requirements which covers product durability, toxicology (food grade), dimensional stability and fitment. This certificate also makes Ajay products eligible for being marketed into the US markets.
  • IIT, Mumbai for compliance to all requirements of American standards. Ajay perhaps is the only product that offers such a certificate
  • Central Institute of Plastic Engineering and Technology (CIPET) and Shriram Institute of Industrial Research for compliance to BIS norms
  • Tested and certified by Shriram Institute for Industrial Research
  • Central Food Technology Research Institute, Mysore (CFTRI) for compliance to Indian toxicology requirements
  • MCGM

    5. Ajay Greenline: the most advanced UPVC Plumbing system in India today offering several unique (Copyright protected) design features, a truly lead free system certified by SGS (Switzerland) and fittings manufactured using granule technology (only company in India to do so) for higher burst strength and consistency.

    6. Unique performance enhancing features designed and offered only by Ajay (Copyright protected)

  • Unique design Elbow with higher radius of curvature and constant cross-section once joined with pipe offers the lowest pressure drop in the industry hence translating to higher flow rates and reduced energy consumption when pressure pumps are used. The performance is certified by IIT, Delhi.
  • Unique Brass insert design offers substantially higher torque rating ensuring much superior resistance to over-tightening. This results in a more forgiving product which does not leak even when plumber normally used to GI practices over-tighten the fittings. Performance again certified by IIT, Delhi.
  • Dual rubber ring on female inserts offers protection and longer leak proofing against thermal expansion and contraction
  • Unique design Male Adaptor with Brass threads offers protection from dezincification and hence longer life
  • Unique drop ear brass Elbow improves install ability and offers superior rigidity to CP fittings

    7. Ajay Drainline: an innovative drainage solution launched in a world of highly commoditized product which addresses several problems which plague traditional drainage systems. The product incorporates for the first time

  • a. Factory fitted unique DM-seals for faster, fool-proof installation
  • b. Fittings with re-enforcement rings and manufactured using granule technology for near unbreakable performance
  • c. Nahani traps incorporating higher water-seal for prevention of bad odour problems in bathrooms and toilets.

    8. Complete Range: Complete Range: Ajay offers a complete range of pipe and fittings from upto 6 with all Pipes, Fittings, Ball Valves, Primers and Solvent cements which make our products suitable for not only domestic plumbing but also stringent commercial and industrial applications.

    9. Availability: Several company operated warehouses and over 500 dealers and distributors across the country ensures availability of Ajay products in every nook and corner of the country.

    10. Onsite Training: a service provided by Ajay to train technicians and plumbers in form of a brief session that covers Dos and Donts, Things to remember and Good practices in an attempt to continuously train and improve plumbing skills.

  • Vision

    To be the most respected and number one plastic plumbing company in India.


    To ensure customer service & satisfaction by providing high quality plastic pipes solutions through a ubiquitous distribution network, spreading product awareness and constantly improving manufacturing and operational efficiencies through systems and result oriented, competent manpower resources thereby creating sustained value for all our customers and stakeholders while maintaining high ethical standards

    7 Principles & Core Values

    1. Invest In Quality Of People First We know that our people AICLs most valuable asset & make the difference. At every level of our organization we want our people to become best-in-class. Therefore, to constantly increase the quality, we are committed to invest in training & the development of our people.

    2. Go The Last Mile For The Customer We understand and foresee customer needs to meet the requirements of quality and service to our customers delight. We are committed to go the last mile for our customers to satisfy their high demands with a win-win approach.

    3. Focus On Innovation & Speed Innovation & speed are the driving forces in our company. It enables us to create new products & technologies as well as processes. Innovation is the result of professional competence & creativity & enables us to deliver outstanding results to our customers.

    We demonstrate leadership by advancing new technologies, innovative manufacturing techniques, enhanced customer service, inspired management, and the application of proven methods throughout our organization.

    4. Run Lean & Unbureaucratic We are committed to a lean & unbureaucratic organization in order to set our focus. To set our focus primarily on our customers & employees.

    5. Improve Performance Every Single Day We are looking to always achieve world class results based on ambitious targets, benchmarked with our competitors. For this reason we strive to improve our performance constantly. We firm belief that innovation is the key to sustain in business. We continually improve our product & process through Kaizen and Team work.

    6. Act Honestly, With Integrity & Citizenship AICL & its employees are committed to act in full compliance with international & national laws as well as internal regulations. We are following socially, economically & environmentally a policy of a responsible citizen

    7. Work Hard, Oriented To Results, Yet Have Fun We strive to provide our employees with a stimulating & a challenging work environment, where we can also have fun, while expecting from them a high level of performance, oriented to results.

    Integrated Organization Policy

    We at Ajay industrial Corporation Ltd.,committed to deliver superior value to to our customers, stakeholders, Employees & society at large by providing quality pipes & Fittings. We Shall strive to achieve & sustain excellence in products & services with countinued compliance to all applicable Legal statutory & regulatory requirement. At AICL, we foster a culture of countinual process & performance imporovements with a safe & healthier work environment for all stake holders & society at large.

    Environment Policy

    We at AICL, commit to protect and enrich the environment through sound environment management practices during manufacturing and application of products.

    We Uphold Our Commitment To Environment Protection Through

  • Compliance to all applicable environments, legal and other requirements.
  • Optimum utilization of raw materials, gases, energy, water and other inputs in the manufacturing process so as to continually reduce all types of pollution.
  • Minimizing the generation of process waste and maximizing recycling.
  • Reducing the sound and dust level in manufacturing processes to optimum levels.
  • Continual improvement of environmental performance by adopting economically viable technologies through active participation of trained and skilled associates.
  • Ensuring awareness about environment protection among all concerned.

    Health And Safety Policy

    We at AICL, recognises people as its most important asset and is committed to provide a safe and healthy work environment for those working on and visiting our operations. Management at all levels will be responsible and will be held accountable for the occupational health and safety performance of the Company. At the same time it is the duty of every employee to work in a safe manner so as not to endanger himself and his colleagues at the work place and during travel.

    Accordingly, the aim of the company is to prevent injuries and occupational ill health through the following actions

  • Develop and design processes and plants which, as far as is reasonably practicable, and encompassing all available knowledge and information, are safe and without risk to health.
  • Operate and maintain plants within the designated safety criteria throughout their working life.
  • Develop, introduce and maintain safety and health management systems across the Company to meet company standards as well as statutory requirements for health and safety and verify compliance with these standards through regular auditing.
  • Set annual improvement objectives and targets and review these to ensure that these are being met at the individual unit and Head office.
  • Involve all employees in the implementation of this policy and provide appropriate training.
  • Provide for appropriate dissemination of information on safety and health at work through suitable communication networks both within the company and with external bodies.

    Technology & Infrastructure

    Raw Material Technology:

    Dedicated resources to find and research new generation polymers and additives from across the world with a view to continuous enhancement of physical properties, product performance, process-ability along with optimised economics and reduced environmental impact.

    Compounding: Ajay uses only High Intensity mixing and shearing technology to prepare its compounds with high homogeneity and improved dispersion.

    Processing Technology:

    Pipe Extrusion: Ajay is the first company in India to use state-of-the-art European machines for processing UPVC (in early 1970s) and CPVC (in early 2000s). We use the latest twin-screw extrusion technology to ensure optimum processing of all polymers with the aim to maximise the physical properties, maintain consistency in all products and continuously improve upon productivity.

    Fittings Molding: European molding technology using customised components are used for optimised process-ability. Ajay uses Granule technology for all its fittings to give high strength and high product consistency.

    Molds: are manufactured from high strength and high corrosion resistance steels and incorporate In-mould grooving technology for consistent fit and finish.

    Product Design

    The company maintains and continues to collect market feedback from across the country from its installers and customers. This feedback is used to develop new products and improve existing products. In-house team of dedicated engineers use modern CAD facilities for product designing. Product performance simulation is done using fast proto-typing techniques before commercialisation of the product.

    Manufacturing facilities

    Currently the division operates through two strategically located manufacturing facilities incorporating the latest manufacturing infrastructure along with in-house laboratories and tool room. Further expansion plans are being formulated with aim to reduce distance between customers for faster deliveries and optimised services. Fully equipped laboratories and QC teams ensure that all quality parameters are adhered to and all testing is performed in-house based on requirements of Indian and international standards. Our facilities and systems ensure that Ajay products meet or exceed the global technical requirements.


    Current the company operates 8 strategically located warehouses for supplying its products to its customers. The well placed and fully stocked warehouses are available for providing fast deliveries and easy availability of the entire Ajay product range at short notice.

  • BMC : Bombay Municipal Corporation

    SGS : Society General Surveillance

    PWD : Public Works Department

    IIT : Indian Institute of Technology Delhi

    IIT : Indian Institute of Technology MUMBAI

    IIT : Indian Institute of Technology Delhi

    ISI : Indian Standards Institute Dehradun

    ISI : Indian Standards Institute Pune

    MCGM : Municipal Corporation Of Greater Mumbai

    NSF : National Sanitation Foundation

    SIIR : Shriram Institute for Industrial Research

    BIS : Bureau of Indian Standards

    BIS : Bureau of Indian Standards

    ISI : Indian Standards Institute

    Central Institute of Plastics Engineering & Technology

    Central Institute of Plastics Engineering & Technology

    Central Institute of Plastics Engineering & Technology

    PWD : Public Works Department

    Award & Achievements

  • ISO 9001- 2008 Certified Unit
  • 1S3 rated by Dun & Bradstreet (D&B)
  • D&B DUNS NUMBER : 65-034-4641
  • Government of India Recognized Export House
  • Affiliated with EEPC INDIA under the sponsorship of Ministry of Commerce & Industry, GOI
  • Affiliated with PLEXCONCIL under the sponsorship of Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Department of Commerce, GOI
  • Affiliated with FIEO, set up by Ministry of Commerce, GOI
  • Associated with All India Federation of Plastic Industries
  • Recipient of EEPC INDIA  Awards for Export Excellence
  • Year 1998 2000 : Award for Highest Export Performance during the year
  • Year 2000 2001 : All India Trophy for Highest Exports during the year
  • Year 2004 - 2012 : Shield for Star Performer & Outstanding Contribution to Engineering Exports

    EEPC INDIA AWARD 2012-13

    EEPC INDIA AWARD 2009-10

    EEPC INDIA AWARD 2007-2008

    EEPC INDIA AWARD 2006-2007

    EEPC INDIA AWARD 2004-2005

    EEPC INDIA AWARD 1999-2000

    EEPC INDIA AWARD 1998-1999

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