Ajay Mirajgaoker

Ajay MirajgaokerIs an Architect with interest in architecture, conservation and adaptive reuse of old heritage buildings, master planning and non-conventional energy systems and its application in architecture. He has also been very keenly involved in Conservation and Restoration of old structures and there adaptive reuse like the Restoration of Nizams Palaces in Hyderabad. He was also involved in the designing of a Master Plan of Hathigaon for re-habilitation of elephants in Amber ? Jaipur and in the Integrated Development of the Pushkar ? Ajmer which also includes a Camping site for tourists. His utmost attention to details, problem solving attitude on site and the ability to cordially deal with all the contractors, consultants, ensures that the projects are completed in time and as planned.

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Principal Architect / Partner

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Ajay Mirajgaoker