Having an ascending player both in the car and building glass segment Asahi India Glass Ltd. (AIS) is India's biggest integrated glass solutions company. Today it has a 77% part in the Indian car glass market. AIS was established 30 years ago in 1984. Its products and services include automotive glass products, Architectural glass products, Windshield experts, 4G Solution and AIS VUE.

AIS derivations can be tracked to the Joint Venture Agreement amid Maruti Suzuki India Ltd. in 1984 and the Labroo family, Asahi Glass Co. Ltd. (AGC), Japan. The 3 entities together hold around 55% of paid-up equity assets of AIS and the rest 45% being held by the public as a promotional group. AIS is focused on market-leading modernizations offering the correct merge among energy saving and daylight, thermal and visual comfort, sensitivity and technology, allowing an age of Green Buildings as well as supporting a truly sustainable future.

Market Position

With the share of 24% in the Indian Flat Glass Industry AIS current daily production capacity is about 1200 tons per day. Catering 77% needs of the Indian passenger car manufacturers for their automotive glass requirements, AIS has emerged as a premier Automotive Glass manufacturer in India. AIS is providing personalized glass solutions to most of the Indian Automobile Industry and it represents officialas AGS Glass Europe in the Indian Market.

Vision Statement

AIS's Vision is to "SEE MORE"

This byline captures AIS's culture:

  • It describes AIS's products & services which delight its customers by helping them see more in comfort, safety & security.
  • It expresses AIS's corporate culture of merit and transparency.
  • It defines the quality of AIS's people to want to see, learn, and do more, in depth and detail.
  • To transcend the ordinary.

Mission Statement

AIS's Mission is "JIKKO" - Execution for Excellence

With major investments in place, the time is now to reap the benefits by execution for excellence.

Guiding Principles

All actions of AIS are driven by the following guiding principles:

  • Creation of value for Shareholders
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Respect for Environment
  • Use of Facts
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Strengthening of Systems
  • Upgradation of Human Potential through education and training
  • Social Consciousness

Strategic Business Units

AIS has the following three strategic business units:

  • Automotive Glass Unit - AIS Auto Glass
      With a total production capacity of 2.5 million car sets at its manufacturing facilities at Rewari and Chennai, AIS Auto Glass is India's largest and one of Asia's largest manufacturers of world-class automotive safety glass.
  • Float Glass Unit - AIS Float Glass
      AIS Float Glass is the premier manufacturer of international quality float glass, with a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility at Taloja near Mumbai, having a manufacturing capacity of 500 TPD, in proximity to its larger markets and the seaport for its export sales. The unit is the first in the country to introduce tinted float glass in various colours and is a market leader in the country.
      The second plant, which will be the largest Integrated Glass Plant in India, with a float glass production capacity of 700 TPD, is being set up at Roorkee in the state of Uttranchal in North India. The plant is scheduled to be operational by December 2006.
      AIS Float Glass enjoys a total market share of over 20% in the Indian float glass industry, which will increase to approximately 35%, post commissioning of the Roorkee Plant.
  • AIS Glass Solutions Ltd - AIS Glass Solutions
      AIS Glass Solutions, an innovation in value addition, has been set up as a separate subsidiary of AIS - AIS Glass Solutions Ltd., to trade and to provide end to end solutions in the different kinds of architectural glass including toughened glass, laminated glass, insulated glass and glass products.
  • 2012-13
    • Obtained ISO14001:2004 certification from DNV Certification Limited, United Kingdom.
    • Received Zee Good Homes Award for best glass company.
    • Received Gold for Overall Performance from Maruti Suzuki India Limited
    • Received Yield Improvement Certificate from Maruti Suzuki India Limited
    • Received System Audit Rating - Shield from Maruti Suzuki India Limited
    • Received 5 Star Award from Hyundai Motor India Limited
    • Received Manufacturing Excellence Award from Maruti Suzuki India Ltd.
    • Received Best HR Initiatives Award from Maruti Suzuki India Ltd.
    • Received Best Kaizen Award from Toyota Kirloskar Motors Ltd
    • Obtained Certificate of appreciation for being an Etios Partner and Establishing New Facility from Toyota Kirloskar Motors Ltd
    • Obtained Certificate for achieving targets in the category of DELIVERY for the year 2010 from Toyota Kirloskar Motors Ltd
    • Obtained 2nd position in International Convention of Quality Circle held in Hyderabad
    • Obtained Occupational Health and Safety Management System Standard (OHSAS 18001: 2007)
    • Obtained OHSAS 18001: 2007 certification of Bawal plant by DNV
    • Received TPM Excellence Award 2010 for the Bawal Plant.
    • Received Certificate of Appreciation from Maruti Suzuki India Ltd.
    • Received Vendor Performance Award (Gold Category) from Maruti Suzuki India Ltd.
    • Received Manufacturing Excellence Award from Maruti Suzuki India Ltd.
    • Received award for Achieving Target of Quality from Toyota Kirloskar Motors Ltd.
    • Received award for Achieving Target of Quality from Toyota Kirloskar Motors Ltd.
    • Received Best Supplier Award (Gold Category) from Whirlpool of India Ltd.
    • Received Cost Efficiency Award from Tata Motors Ltd.
    • Recieved First Prize for Lowest PPM from Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.
    • Received Outstanding Overall Performance Incoming Quality Improvement from Maruti Suzuki India Ltd.
    • Received Best Performance in Quality from Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.
    • Received Excellence in Quality from Tata Motors Ltd.

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    Glass Interior
    • Glass Staircase,
      AIS Krystal
    • Kitchen,
      AIS Decor - Marble White & Bright Orange
    • Furniture,
      AIS Decor
    • Karandeep, Gurgaon
      AIS Vue
    • Glass Bridge
    • Swimming Pool
    • Glass Partitions,
      AIS Decor
    • AIS VUE Boutique Builder Floors, Delhi
      AIS VUE
    • AIS VUE Deerwood Chase House,
      AIS VUE
    • AIS VUE Defense Colony, Delhi
      AIS VUE
    • AIS VUE Outstation Site, Ludhiana
      AIS VUE
    • AIS VUE Palam Farm, Bijwasan, Delhi
      AIS VUE
    • Akash Bangla Head Office, Kolkata
      AIS Decor - Icy Blue & Sterling Silver
    • Artistry, Kolkata
      AIS Decor - Sterling Silver & Icy Blue
    • Artistry, Kolkata
      AIS Decor - Sterling Silver & Icy Blue
    • Artistry, Kolkata
      AIS Decor - Sterling Silver
    • Bank Of India, Regional Head Office,
      AIS Decor - Sparkling Beige & Icy Blue
    • Eylex Films Pvt. Ltd., Jamshedpur
      AIS Decor - Classic Beige & Bright Orange
    • Hotel Element, Ranchi
      AIS Decor - Black pearl
    • Hotel Windsor, Patna
      AIS Decor - Snow White
    • Tata Steel, Kolkata
      AIS Decor - Lemon Yellow
    • Titan Industries, Regional Head Office
      AIS Decor - Sparkling Beige
    • Titan Industries, Regional Head Office
      AIS Decor - Sparkling Snow White
    • Ahluwalia Chambers (Haflee), Raipur
      Ecosense Enhance - Bay
    • Aparna Aura, Hyderabad
      Ecosense Enhance - Reef
    • Bank of India, Kolkatta
      Supersilver Dark Blue
    • Crystal IT Park, Indore
      Ecosense Enhance - Marine
    • Dainik Bhaskar, Raipur
      Ecosense Enhance - Cove & Dawn
    • EIFFEL Square, Pune
      Ecosense Enhance - Dawn
    • ERTL, Kolkatta
      Supersilver Blue
    • Ludhiana Trade Tower, Ludhiana
      Ecosense Exceed - Grey Brook
    • LG Showroom, Chennai
      Ecosense Enhance - Spring
    • Anmol, Ahemdabad
      Ecosense Enhance - Spring
    • Atlantis, Rajkot
      Ecosense Enhance - Bay & Spring
    • Gujarat Technical University, Gujrat
      Ecosense Enhance - Dawn
    • Impetus IT Company, Indore
      Ecosense Enhance - Marine
    • INS, Mumbai
      Ecosense Enhance - Blue Brook
    • JSCA International Cricket Stadium, R...
      Ecosense Enhance - Cove
    • Manhas Tower, Mumbai
      Ecosense Enhance - Bay and Dawn
    • NMart, Indore
      Ecosense Enhance - Coral
    • Onix Site, Ahemdabad
      Ecosense Enhance - Cove
    • Pristine Mall, Punjab
      Ecosense Enhance - Cove
    • Raheja, Hyderabad
      Ecosense Enhance - Cove
    • RNA Copr Petal, Mumbai
      Ecosense Enhance - Pine
    • Sola Civil Hospital, Ahemdabad
      Ecosense Enhance - Pine
    • Anant Raj Business Park, Manesar
      Supersilver Blue
    • Arihant Park, Chennai
      Supersilver Blue
    • Ascendas, Chennai
      Supersilver Green
    • Bannari Amman Sugar, Chennai
      Supersilver Green
    • Chamunda Builders, Mumbai
      Supersilver Aqua Blue
    • ERTL, Kolkatta
      Supersilver Aqua Blue
    • Hotel Thakshilla, Ahemdabad
      Supersilver Blue
    • India Cements, Chennai
      Supersilver Green
    • Kala Bhavan, Goa
      Supersilver Blue
    • Panchayet Bhaban, Kolkatta
      Supersilver Bronze
    • RMRI Hospital, Patna
      Supersilver Dark Blue
    • TECCI Park, Chennai
      Supersilver Green
    • Tidal Park, Chennai
      Supersilver Blue
    • Trade Star, Mumbai
      Supersilver Green
    • WB Forest Develepment Coporation Limi...
      Supersilver Aqua Blue
    • Chhattisgarh College of Engineering, ...
      Opal Bronze
    • RNA Petal, Mumbai
      Ecosense Enhance
    • Madhav Avenue, Ahemdabad
      Opal Cool Green
    • Vikram Urbane, Indore
      SunShield Leaf Green & Opal Aqua Blue
    • Circular Court, Ranchi
      SunShield Radiant Amber
    • DLF Corporate Greens Site Office, Gur...
      Ecosense Exceed Clear Brook
    • Gillco International School, Chandigarh
      Ecosense Enhance Cove
    • Hotel East Inn, Mumbai
      Ecosense Enhance Marine