Makes your environment cool and healthy by using Turbine & Turbo Air Ventilators
Airier Natura is a leading manufacturer of Renewable energy products. Established in 1987, Airier Natura Bangalore is an organization with values deeply rooted in customer satisfaction and ethical business practices.

Our contributions to the renewable energy industry over the last 20 years, in the form of our high quality solar water heaters and our reliable and robust wind turbine ventilators have helped save thousands of rupees across homes and industries throughout India. The supreme quality of our products set us apart in the market as the most trusted air ventilator manufacturers India. The products we are offering in the top list of our customers.

Today, Airier is one of the reputed eco air ventilator manufacturers India helping industries make the 'Change for good' – from fossil fuels to Renewable energy.

With cutting edge engineering design in emerging technologies such as Concentrating Solar power (CSP), Bio mass power and new innovations in industrial ventilation technologies, Airier is taking steps to meet the energy demands of the future. Air ventilators manufacturers products are reliable and cost effective use.

We are a future driven Company. All our innovations have a futuristic edge to them. Our Research and Development expertise has empowered us to introduce technologies that optimize resources, hence making sure that nothing goes to waste. By bringing eco-friendly solutions to life, we are paving a green way for our future generations.

We believe in sourcing raw materials indigenously. As a result, the manufacturing cost of our products plummet drastically, proving cost-effective to the end users. Our indigenous technology development quickens our production time and helps us serve our customers faster.


To be the most trusted air ventilators manufacturers and renewable energy brand across markets by offering innovative and zero emission products, profiting & benefiting the company, customers, employees & community at large.


To create futuristic and self-renewing solutions that not only empower life today, but save energy for a better tomorrow.

Industrial Ventilation systems

Ridge Vent

Airier Ridge Ventilators are natural extract ventilators suitable for ridge mounting. They incorporate low profile and weight with maximum exhaust flow. The low profile and modern design gives an unobtrusive appearance without adding greatly to the wind load or dead load on the building structure.

The Benefits of Ridge Ventilation:

  • Ridge Ventilator Allows outside air to flow naturally upward and out of the factory area
  • Ridge ventilation Helps prevent moisture & heat from becoming trapped in shop floor atmosphere
  • Ridge vent systems Manufacturers Helps prevent rotting, wall damage, rust, wear & tear and peeling paint
  • Ridge Vent Provides year-round performance for consistent ventilation without energy consumption

Airier Ridge Vent can be designed for any size and specification, keeping the customers needs in mind.

Airier Ridge Ventilators provide natural exhaust of heat.

Some of its Features are:

  • Ridge Vents It reduces heat buildup during working hours, making working area more comfortable
  • Ridge Ventilators Helps eliminate trapped moisture
  • Ridge Ventilator Exhausts heat, dangerous fumes, smoke and steam
  • ridge ventilation Low maintenance
  • ridge vent systems Manufacturers High weather ability
  • Ridge Vent, Ridge Vents Long life & durability
  • Ridge Ventilators Available in multiple throat sizes (customized according to requirements)
  • Ridge Ventilator Maintains the Aesthetic qualities of the building
Wind Turbine Ventilators

Wind turbine ventilators are exactly as the name implies, they are a ventilator that is powered by the wind to create effective ventilation for different industries. This product works on wind assisted ventilation. Even just a little bit of wind can be just enough for the turbo ventilator to rotate.

These wind turbines ventilators are fabricated from quality raw material to ensure that they are non corrosive and highly efficient. Our unit makes use of potential and kinetic energy which is concealed in the wind. They are efficient in dispersing these gases at long distances & at high elevations. These find application in many industries and production factories for emitting the gases and pollutants.

All the components are sourced and manufactured indigenously.

Benefits of Wind Turbine Ventilators:

The use of the latest technological concepts by our experts has benefited the clients in various way. Some of the benefits include:

  • Proper air ventilation will enhance the life of the roof sheet, structures, wall etc. by removing accumulated heat, humidity (dampness), and polluted air over a period of many years.
  • As the polluted air is replaced by fresh air, people working inside will be active and healthy their productivity will be substantially increased
  • Our vents save electricity used for power exhaust systems round the clock
  • Companies engaged in exporting their products get a very good recognition by overseas buyers visiting your factories when they see good shop floors and latest ventilation technologies

Roof Ventilation FansUse Industrial Roof Ventilation Fans to remove harmful chemicals and dust

"We are the most sought-after name for industrial ventilation fans today in India. As the next gen manufacturers of industrial fans, we use indigenous raw materials in line with industry standards to offer superior assortment of ventilation systems. The company's ability in providing cost effective and high performance industrial fans have enabled us to gain a huge clientele from all over the country.

Each Industrial fan that comes out of our firm is sturdy and efficient technology. We follow set of defined industry norms to maintain highest quality in our range of products. Use of finest quality raw materials further ensure highly efficient and anti-corrosive features in the products. We provide a wide assortment to meet your industrial ventilation needs. Backed by state of the art unit, our professionals provide standard and customized options at the affordable prices, without compromising on class. As the reputed industrial fans manufacturers, we provide natural, powerless and wind driven ventilators tot he clients.

Industrial Fans Manufacturer for Ventilation in Bangalore

Airier Natura Pioneers in this technology since 2002, Airier Industrial roof ventilation fan provides the perfect balance, in controlling factors such as temperature, humidity, dust, etc., in a manner that provides a favorable condition for both, your process as well as your employees.

Industrial Roof Ventilation Fans Features

  • Designed for all roof shed
  • Natural convection for Air ventilators
  • Get rid of heat, smoke & other pollutants from interiors.
  • Eco-friendly & energy saving design.
  • Works all round the year without electricity/maintenance costs.
  • Computerized design, operates with the slightest breeze.
  • Wider model options in nine different sizes.
  • Use of superior grade material components.
  • Light weight and sturdy with precision balanced low-inertia head design.
  • Self-lubricated double bearings stainless steel shaft for smooth & silent operation.
  • Ribbed design for added strength.
  • High-speed limiting device to ensure protection against high winds.
  • Specially coated to ensure high corrosion resistance.

Airier Ridge Vent

Using best-in-class computer aided design, combined with years of experience; the Airier Ridge Vent is a unique offering in the world of Natural Ventilation.

Designed to maximize airflow and make the best advantage of natural draft action, the Airier Ridge Vent exhausts hot and dangerous fumes from work areas in the fastest and most efficient way possible.

Airier Ridge Vent Features

  • Airier Ridge Vent is ideal for factories and other industrial buildings.
  • Available in any size and configuration (made-to-order)
  • Flexible installation options
  • 100% weather proof and durability guaranteed
  • Aerodynamic design for improved performance

Airier Vent

Pioneers in this technology since 2002, AirierVent provides the perfect balance, in controlling factors such as temperature, humidity, dust, etc., in a manner that provides a favorable condition for both, your process as well as your employees.


  • Can be used on any roof shed
  • Revolutionary concept, activated by natural convection.
  • Effectively removes heat, smoke, fumes, as well as dust & other pollutants from interiors.
  • Environment-friendly & energy saving.
  • Works round-the-clock without electricity/other operating costs.
  • Computer-designed, works with the slightest breeze.
  • Wide range of model options in nine different sizes.
  • Only superior grade material used for all components.
  • Lightweight and sturdy, with precision-balanced low-inertia head design.
  • Stainless steel shaft with self-lubricated double bearings to ensure smooth & silent operation.
  • Ribbed design for added strength.
  • High-speed limiting device to protect against high winds.
  • Specially coated to ensure high resistance to corrosion, condensation & mildew.

Airier Vent Technology

Airier Vents - wind driven turbine ventilators are a new concept in ventilation field. This system is mainly used in industries and is an industrial product that can be fixed on any type of roof sheet profile.

They are engineered to remove heat, humidity, smell, dust, smoke, etc., and infuse optimum fresh air, in to your working space. The entire unit is aluminum built (except the Central Shaft and Bearing, which are made out of stainless steel), which makes it very light in weight.

The systems are built in such a way that they only require a decent breeze to rotate them. No external power source like electricity, generator, etc., is required to make it work. Making them power saving eco-friendly units. Turbine Ventilators also protect your roof sheet from weakening and rusting, as it prevents humidity formation in the shed.

Turbine Air Ventilators

We are one of the aspiring turbo ventilator manufacturers in India. Our offered range of turbo air ventilators do not consume any power and entirely work on wind energy. These innovative systems effectively remove heat, dust, fumes, gases and smoke from industrial sheds. Turbine air ventilators, UAE are environmentally friendly and economical ventilation system.

The Benefits of Turbine Ventilators:

  • Allow outside air to flow upward and out of the factory area naturally
  • Helps prevent heat, moisture & dust from being trapped in shop floor atmosphere
  • Prevent rotting, rust, wear & tear, peeling paint and wall damage
  • Provide consistent ventilation without energy consumption year round

Being professional turbine ventilator manufacturers, we design for any size and specification, keeping the customers needs in mind.

These Airier Turbine Air Ventilators provide natural exhaust of heat.

Some of the Important Features of this product are:

  • Reduces heat buildup in the working area
  • Helps get rid of trapped moisture, exhausts heat, dangerous fumes, smoke etc
  • Low on maintenance
  • High weathering ability
  • Available in customized throat sizes
  • Long life &Helps maintain building's Aesthetic qualities

All these features of the product makes it a significant airing solution in the market. We have set highest standards to maintain quality in manufacturing high performance turbine ventilators. Our commitment to quality and dedicated services have stages us as the most promising turbo ventilator manufacturers in the industry.

Over the years, our organization has gained good expertise is designing qualitative range of turbine air ventilators, UAE as per clients requirement and at competitive prices. We are today amongst the prominent turbo ventilator manufacturers.

Vertical Turbine Air Ventilators

Our range of Vertical Turbine Air Ventilators is designed to suit various requirements of industrial, commercial and community buildings. These ventilators are known to give optimum performance under harsh industry environment.

The Benefits of Vertical Turbine Air Ventilators:

  • High-efficiency ventilation
  • Easy and fast installation
  • Environmental protection, energy saving and no electricity cost
  • Stable and durable, dehumidification, anti-sweat and rain-proof
  • High sensitivity and no nosie
  • Low maintenance
  • High weather ability
  • Long life & durability
  • Available in multiple throat sizes (customized according to requirements)

Rooftop Air Ventilator

We are a reputed name in the field of rooftop air ventilators manufacturing. Our offered range of Industrial Rooftop Air Ventilation Fans is extensively used to remove heat, contaminants, or to combat problems caused by the lack of replacement air in industries, ware houses and mines. The products we are offering is found highly efficient in removing grime particles & other toxic gases from the interiors of the factory and manufacturing plant that could lead to air pollution. These rooftop air ventilators are highly efficient & cost-effective to use and operate.

These Roof Ventilation Fans are ideal to ventilate:

  • Factories
  • Workshops
  • Warehouses
  • Agricultural applications

At Airier Natura Bangalore, premium quality industrial and commercial rooftop air ventilation fans are designed for our customers. Our professionals work in close coordination with the clients to help them get the most desired rooftop air ventilator for their ventilation needs. We incorporate all latest technologies to meet the expectations our clients at the most economic prices.

As the leading rooftop air ventilator and commercial rooftop exhaust fans manufacturers we provide top-of-the-line natural ventilation systems. Our current expertise include Industrial and commercial rooftop exhaust fans. We provide roof exhaust fan to our clients at the industry leading prices.

As professional commercial rooftop air ventilator manufacturers, we provide fresh air and energy free cooling round the year. Wind Turbo Roof Ventilators & roof exhaust fans functions with the unlimited source of natural wind energy, enabling saving on electricity & heavy maintenance cost. The products we are offering have ergonomic design and use efficient technology that is at par with the International quality standards.

Parabolic dish technology

Celsium250 is the most efficient solar thermal energy solution.

It uses state-of-the-art parabolic dish technology that can provide heating solutions with near-zero recurring costs.

Designed to maximize thermal absorption, Celsium250 efficiently converts incident solar radiation into thermal energy and delivers it with zero-convection losses.

Using heat transfer mediums like water, steam or thermic fluid, these technologies can be effectively used to reduce fuel consumption by boilers and various industrial processes Resulting in savings that keep adding to your companys profits.

  • The Celsium250 uses fixed point focus parabolic dish technology
  • It provides medium temperature heating applications across industries with a temperature range of 100-160 degree centigrade and a high efficiency
  • Solar based heating systems can reduce the carbon emissions by boilers and other industrial processes
  • Investment cost can be easily recovered


This powerful solar application uses parabolic concentrators of large surface areas (16M2) to focus solar energy on to receivers that convert thermal energy to heat.

The design is such that all mirrors on a concentrator reflect sunlight focused onto a receiver. Convection loss due to external conditions is reduced using an evacuated chamber which drastically reduces the convectional losses due to wind and other atmospheric conditions.

These receivers maintain a high temperature which facilitates continuous heating during periods of clear solar radiation.

The Celsium250 uses a microcontroller based tracking system to track the movement of the sun from east to west.

We have invested considerable amount of our time and technical expertise, to bring you the technology of the future. Celsium450 is our hottest innovation . It is a solar concentrator that makes use of solar energy to generate steam. The steam produced can then be utilised for various industrial and institutional applications.

Amazing Advantages

  • Uses 'green' energy. Hence, does not produce greenhouse gases
  • Offers energy absolutely free of cost
  • More efficient than the conventional solar panels
  • Stops the burning of non-renewable fuels
  • Costs less to operate
  • Does not require site orientation, hence can be quickly assembled
  • Designed to withstand the harshest of weather conditions

Scope of Application


Dairies | Food & Beverages | Textiles & Chemicals | Pharmaceuticals


Drying | Pasteurization | Cooking | Boiling | Washing | Sterilizing | Farm Based Storage | Large Distribution Centre

Government Incentives

There has never been a better time financially, to make use of solar thermal technologies. Currently MNRE is providing subsidy of Rs. 5, 400 per sq. mt. of reflective surface and 80% accelerated depreciation in the first year. So, you can recover almost 50% of the systems cost on installation. Thus, resulting in a quick ROI.

Solar Cooker

Competitive Parabolic Solar Cooker Manufacturer in Bangalore

We are one of the leading solar cooker manufacturers in India. Our offered products are recognized for their compelling design and most economic price. The special parabolic solar cooker uses sun energy for outdoor cooking. These are very efficient and cooks food fast.

A solar cooker cooks food without using cooking gas, electricity, kerosene, coal or wood. This cooker mainly works with solar energy that is freely available in nature.

A solar cooker can cook easily two meals every day for 10-15 persons.

The AN14 dish solar cooker that we provide is widely used for faster outdoor cooking. The AN-14 dish cooker with 1.4 meter diameter dish is made with the help of a single reflector or by joining together smaller reflector pieces, fixed to a rigid frame. When it is exposed to Sun in the normal direction; a point focus would be formed for cooking food. It consists of bright anodized aluminum sheets of 0.4 mm thick, a bowl supporting frame, bowl stand, and manual tracking mechanism.

All the components used in the cooker are genuine and manufactured indigenously.

Parabolic Solar Cooker Features are:

  • The AN14 Parabolic Solar Cooker uses sunrays directed on to a reflecting surface, which concentrates at a focal point on which the black painted cooking pot is placed.
  • The tracking position towards sun is monitored with the help of a tracking indicator attached to the cooker, tracking every 10-15 minutes for higher efficiency.
  • High temperature is achieved in this cooker and generates about 700 watts net power in good sunshine. Very high temperature above 300C can be attained in this cooker.
  • Ten liters of water in a sunny day (atmospheric temperature 24C) takes about 40-45 minutes to reach the boiling temperature of 100C.
  • Almost all types of cooking such as boiling of water/potato/eggs, cooking of rice/pulses/vegetables/meat, frying of omelets /meat, roasting of meat, baking of bread/cake, etc., can be done in this cooker. Also the pressure cooker can be used for increased efficiency.
  • Minimum maintenance: It does not require any recurring cost except a nominal maintenance of repainting the frame and stand and keeping the reflector sheet clean.
  • The cooker can be used all day long from sunrise to sunset. The cooking intensity is high during daytime from 11.0 am to 1.0 pm because of the high sunshine during that time.
  • Due to its deeply curved parabolic shape, the focal point of the reflectors lies inside the dish and does not have the risk of burning to the user.

These advanced features of our parabolic solar cooker has provided us a distinct position in the industry. Our efforts in maintaining consistent quality set us apart and offers a strong client base across the nation. We today make premium choice solar cooker manufacturers in India.

Wind Driven Turbine Air Ventilators

These wind driven turbine air ventilators are manufactured by making use of the potential energy and kinetic energy that are concealed in the wind. These find application in many industries and production factories for emitting the gases and pollutants that are produced during production and are harmful for the workers.

The Benefits of Wind Driven Turbine Air Ventilators

  • It is no electricity or energy costing and noiseless, exhausting air naturally and effectively. It can work for a long time so as to make fresh air circulating.
  • Good surface self-lubricating performance, superior anti-corrosion, weather resistance, strong wear resistance, long service life, light weight and high sensitivity.
  • Minimum packing measurement.
  • Easy to install.

Natural Draft Fans

Airier Natura Bangalore brings an immaculate range of natural air ventilation systems to suit different ventilation needs in several industries. The sophisticated design of our product not only looks elegant, but make your place airy, providing healthy and comfortable work environment.

We fabricate a wide range of natural draft fans using premium high grade raw materials that ensure high performance, durability and reliability. Our range of natural draft fans finds wide application in several industries for various applications. Moreover, these can be customized to the client' specifications.

Natural Draft Fans Applications

  • Air supply for combustion systems
  • Cooling
  • Conveying
  • Glass blowing burners
  • Cupolas & other applications in Industry

Biomass gasifier

Biomass materials are used since millennia for meeting myriad human needs including energy. Main sources of biomass energy are trees, crops and animal waste.

Among the biomass energy sources, wood fuels are the most prominent. Presently, the biomass sources contribute 14% of global energy and 38% of energy in developing countries.

Biomass gasification has some better advantages over other alternative energy sources. The technology's conversion efficiency is high. It can be applied over a wide range of output metrics with only a small variation in overall efficiency and investment.

Most important of all, it guarantees uninterrupted power supply as it is based on locally available feedstock and the process is dynamic enough to be used for captive purposes, as well as for grids.

A combination of all these factors ensured that the per-unit cost of biomass gasification is the lowest among renewable energy sources.

Environmental advantages:

  • Generates same amount of heat and carbon dioxide as from natural processes.
  • It uses renewable energy resources as fuel
  • Airier Natura is accomplished in deisgn and manufacture of various kinds of gasifiers with various specifications

Our offering among Gasifiers are:

  • For Captive power uses (To generate electricity for Industries, Institutions, Agricultural purposes and large domestic consumption) 10 Kw to 50 Kw
  • Grid connected systems for requirements larger than 500Kw
  • Thermal applications (for industries thermal heating, process heating ) - 15 Kw thermal 1000 Kw thermal

Features of Airier Gasifier:

  • During continuous operation, all filtration equipments have standby for cleaning purposes & all pumps have standby in case of failure
  • Compatible with Diesel Generator Sets
  • Excellent quality of gas
  • Minimal maintenance for engine
  • Reduced installation time

1 kilogram of waste = 50 litres of hot water!

The Airier Eco Geyser is a 100% reliable day-to-day hot water solution for your home or business.

It is fabricated using SS 304 grade and seamless pipes using CO welding and is covered with rock wool insulation and polished stainless steel powder coated aluminium sheet cladding. This model is recommended for domestic use which is very economical for day-to-day hot water supply for bathing and cleaning purpose.

This water heater is run on biomass, i.e., domestic waste, paper, pieces of wood, garbage, dried cow-dung, sugarcane bagasse, sawdust, groundnut/coconut shells, agro/forest waste, etc.

Burning biomass, such as wood pellets or logs, emits the same amount of carbon dioxide as is absorbed while the plants were growing. Therefore, biomass is classed as carbon-neutral/renewable energy.

The heated but unused hot water retains heat for a subsequent period of 24 hours due to the special insulation provided, which makes it an economic, yet effective water heating solution.

Features are

  • Low investment, zero maintenance, lower fuel cost, energy saving and eco-friendly
  • Elegant design, compact, easy to install and shift - Occupies less place, and so it can be installed at anywhere
  • Domestic boilers - available in different capacities to fulfill customer requirement.
  • Higher capacity for hotels/hostels/hospitals/other community usage will be customized as per customer requirement
  • Heavy gauge metals and latest technology is used for longer durability.
  • Manufactured under the supervisions of experienced technical persons.
  • Each geyser is certified and pressure tested
  • Any kind of dry organic waste can be used - like coconut shells, waste wood, dried wood twigs, agricultural waste etc.
Available models:

  • 40 Litres for domestic purpose
  • 75 Litres for domestic and commercial purpose
  • Customized seizes according to customer requirement

About Jyothi Solar - Solar Water Heaters

Jyothi Solar, a subsidiary of Airier Natura Pvt. Ltd. is a market leader in Karnataka, manufacturing high quality solar water heaters. Founded and managed by qualified professionals with wide experience in the solar energy industry, Jyothi Solar strives to supply solar water heaters that meet the long-term needs of its diverse customers. The Company has already installed over twenty five thousand systems and provides prompt and professional after- sales service to its customers, throughout the long life span of its products.

The advanced design of Jyothi Solar Geyser has an optical feature that includes a back-up electric heater built into it, which negates any maintenance costs.

Benefits of Solar Water Heater:

  • Save upto 70% on your electric bill
  • Absolutely maintenance free
  • 1 year warranty (except on glass)
  • Environment friendly
  • One time investment, long term benefit

Where to Usage Solar Water Heaters:

  • Residences
  • Hospitals
  • Chemical Industries
  • Hotels
  • Textiles
  • Canteens
  • Apartments
  • Guest Houses
  • Dairies

Wood Pellet Burner and Stove

Affordable Wood Pellet Stove and Wood Pellet Burner Manufacturer

Airier wood pellet stoves are environmentally friendly and cost-effective. We provide Eco stoves for residential and commercial space. These are carefully designed keeping all possible difficulties in kitchen in mind. Our wood pallet stoves come with power backup to run at the time of power cut.

Features of Wood Pellet Burner are:

  • Type : Continous feed
  • Model : ATS09
  • Capacity : 30 kw th
  • Pellet Size : 8 x 50 mm
  • Hopper : 40 kg
  • Buner Dia : 300
  • Conveyor : Rotary vane feed with drop tube
  • Ash Removal : Manual 8 hrs interval
  • Flame Type : Horizontal

Our offering among Gasifiers are:

  • High Burning rate
  • Low smoke
  • Complete Combustion
  • Requires less maintenance on fire side tube as less soot formation compared to raw biomass fuel
  • Higher temperature of by products of combustion increase heat transfer efficiency in boilers
  • Rotary vane feeder for fuel control

Features of Airier Gasifier:

  • Burner : Horizontal
  • Pellet consumption per hour : 15 kg
  • Steam output : 100 kg per hour
  • Cropper Size : 40 kg stol
  • Feed Type : Auto (Rotary vane feeding)
  • Cropper Size : 40 kg stol
  • Range : 100 kg to 2 Tons

We at "Airier" are providing environment friendly wood pellet burner and stove too. We offer highly durable and technically good designed wood pellet burners and stoves for both residential and commercial uses.

Wood Pellet Burner

These types of burners look similar to conventional wood burners. As wood pellet burners are designed well and have made effective to control heat level as per requirement. These burners are environment friendly and produce heating at steady rate. Such pellets are made of 100% wood residues (sawdust and wood shavings). Few pellet burner models can be fitted with a wet back to heat as well as check the supplier regarding this option. Some burners come with a fan built in for better distribution of heat inside the room. Most pellet burners produce extensive heat than requirement to heat multiple rooms. But heat can be controlled and utilized for heating room at desired temperature. People can use such burners during power cut off or in winter season.

Wood Pellet Stove

Wood pellet stove is like a small size bag that can be stored easily. Such stoves are easy to operate and require loading the pellets that go for ignition to generate flame. The rate of flame emission depends upon, what size hopper your stove has and quantity of pellets loaded in a day. The stove produces less smoke, as the pellets are being ignited inside a heat box. However, stove does not get heated much and less ash is generated in the chamber. Wood pellet stoves are made of recycled materials and are greatly compressed to lower down moisture content. These pellet stoves produce less pollutants than conventional fireplaces.

Few Industries that have moved ahead with Airiervents

Government Organizations

  • Bharath Electronics Limited
  • Hindustan Aeronautics Limited
  • Society for Dev. of Composites
  • Indian Air Force
  • National Aeronautics Ltd
  • ISRO
  • Navel Dockyard

Automobile Industries

  • Lucas-TVS Ltd
  • Automotive Axles Ltd
  • Omak Autos Limited
  • Amtek Auto Ltd
  • Krishna Maruthi Ltd
  • Honda Siel Power Products Ltd
  • LNM Auto Industries Pvt Ltd
  • Tata Motors Ltd
  • Nidhi Auto Pvt Ltd
  • Swaraj Mazda Ltd

Textile Industries

  • Gokuldas Images
  • Bangalore Clothing House
  • The Arvind Mills Ltd
  • Bombay Rayon Fashion Ltd
  • Ramkumar Mills Pvt Ltd
  • Sri Kumaran Mills Ltd
  • S.P. Super Fine Cotton Mills Pvt Ltd
  • Obeetee Textiles Pvt Ltd
  • Vimal Industries

Electrical Industries

  • Havells India Ltd.
  • ABB ltd

Plastic Industries

  • Synthetic Zipper bags Pvt Ltd
  • Synthetic Packers Pvt Ltd
  • Big Bags International Pvt Ltd
  • Shree Polypackse
  • Adarsh Polymers
  • V.S Plastics
  • Span Plastics Pvt Ltd
  • Pine Packaging

Food Industries

  • Cadbury India Ltd
  • Kiddis Ice Creams
  • Vishal Natural Food Products
  • Amalgamated Bean Coffee Trading Co Ltd
  • R.T.N Home Food Products
  • Koleman India Pvt Ltd
  • Pusti Food Products
  • Little Star Foods Pvt Ltd

Metal Industries

  • RS Steel Tech
  • Yuken India Ltd(Foundry Division)
  • Kennametal India Ltd
  • Pragathi Steel Castings
  • Dakshin Foundry


  • UAE
  • Italy
  • Srilanka
  • Bangladesh