Shivam Wood Industries has been engaged in production & supply of a vast range of plywood including plywood, block board, flush door, film face plywood etc. since 1996.
Acceptance of Agni ply all over India has been the biggest achievement so far.
Situated in Yamuna Nagar, the hub of plywood and focusing relentlessly on quality, the company has established a state-of-the-art plant with stringent quality control measures in place. With young, enthusiastic directors & a zeal to serve the nation with quality panel products, the team doesn't know what looking back means!

Xpress Technology is an effort from Agni team to give you a product with better features and extra quality in every inch. Xpress technology ensures that Agni is able to bear the extra stress & perform as expected by the consumer.

It is treated with extra care and extra pressure at the manufacturing base which makes it extremely compact, tough and dense, beating the ordinary plywood in long life, durability and value for money.

Determined to Succeed in all circumstances
Nothing is impossible in this world; if we really want something in our life from core of heart, then except our well wishers, an unseen power favors us to achieve our goal. We felt it deeply in our journey of success. We were always passionate to make AGNI ply a brand of pride, a brand which people love to sell & love to use.

AGNI was, is & will remain determine to stand out from all up & downs. Wethanks to all our friends and that divine power which able AGNI ply stands tall amongst all.

Team & Network

'Agni Ply' products became an instant hit in the market due to its quality and the brand equity. The company has never looked back and has created a name today, which ensures quality and return worth every rupee spent by the customer.

Agni Ply has over the years, maintained a consistent growth rate. Today, the market and network crisscrosses the length and breadth of India.The company has branches all across, with a strong dealer/distributors/sub dealers and retailers network. Agni Ply sources its human assets carefully from a pick of good professionals.

All its managers are empowered to make their own decisions without referring to the CEO. Agni Ply believes that the company works smarter working together rather than working alone. Its dedication to its team is complete and ever changing.

Ongoing marketing promotion and strategy development keep the marketing pot boiling hot . This results in market share development and increase and subsequently consolidation leading to the progression to the next phase.