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Administrative Building For Lucknow Industrial Develoment Authority

Location: Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India

Located on the Lucknow Kanpur expressway, the new Lucknow Industrial Development Authority Building is a one of the state capital's most symbolically important projects. It expresses the transparency and accessibility of the democratic process and demonstrates the potential for a sustainable public building. Aiming at a LEED -PLATINUM certification , the building boasts of using the GEO-EXCHANGE HVAC system along with a 500KW solar powerplant on the top, which generates 60% of the building's energy demands.The Geo-exchange HVAC system, a successful role model tried at some of the world's latest achitectural energy saving buildings, here itself saves about 30% of the total HVAC load bringing down the net energy demands drastically. The site planning emcompasses greater percentage of green public spaces at the lower levels allowing for the building to go high-rise using greater setbacks. Use of solar panels at inclined angles designed on ECOTECT help in trappping maximum solar energy to be transformed for building use.Use of double glazed glass,reduces the heat entrapped inside the building which further lowers the load on the building's HVAC system.Rapid-wall construction coupled with shear walls,makes the construction efficient and cost effective.