Abhishek Sorampuri

Abhishek SorampuriAs a project leader on several prominent developments, with his zeal and enterprising skills, Abhishek anchors new direction in Architectural Design by the mean of Appropriate Technology at the M:OFA studio. He collaborated with Architect Manish in 2011 and has worked in the field between conception and realization of many potential projects that includes Institute of Hotel Management, Jagdishpur for Ministry of Tourism, Government of India, also the National Institute of Water Sports, commissioned in 2010, through an International level competition organized by NIWS-GSIDC, Goa.

Abhishek being a programmer himself holds a strong foot when it comes to the digitalization of design. In 2015, he started a new research wing under the name of 'SPARRO'; to create a collaborative platform for designers, innovators and enthusiasts from varying domain to create "Architecture of Everything. SPARRO is an initiative taken by a group of like-minded people with an idea to create a platform where all the design community can come together learn, ideate and innovate under one umbrella. We aim to develop an environment for innovators where a multidisciplinary team works and not an individual.

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Abhishek Sorampuri