Aamrapali Bhogle

Aamrapali Bhogle

Aamrapali Bhogle is an established interior designer with 14 years of experience in the field. Excels especially in glamour residences, spas, commercial and farmhouse projects.

We value the Professional Discipline and Goodwill that has helped us scale success in a short span of time....

NORTH LIGHT is a young and energetic team, based in Mumbai and with an excellent track record of architectural planning, construction and interior design projects spanning India and Gulf since the past 14 years. Though we have successfully completed private offices, spas and commercial projects too, our forte and focus is mainly on glamour residences.

NORTH LIGHT employs experienced and reputed professionals in the construction industry to cater to your specific requirements. These professionals work in consortium to provide customized solutions for you? so that you get all the best quality services, at a single destination.

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Aamrapali Bhogle