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45 Lansing
45 Lansing
45 Lansing

Location: San Francisco, California, United States

Area: 474,044 Square Feet

Home. It needs to fit. It should fit the person, the family, the neighborhood. Designing a residential building to fulfill the needs of its many residents while incorporating it into an already flourishing urban area is a challenge. But it can be a perfect fit.

Sitting atop Rincon Hill with incredible views of the Bay Bridge and the San Francisco Bay, the occupants will be immersed in a new thriving neighborhood that boasts some of the tallest residential high-rise towers on the West Coast.

The density of this project is part of a larger master plan, anchored by significant civic investment in transportation infrastructure at the new Transbay Terminal, which will one day be the major stopping point of the High Speed Rail. As a model Transit Oriented Development (TOD) project, we aim to make this the first of many HKS designs that help reduce our carbon footprint and thus improve the environment for generations to come.