10 Space Saving High-Tech Furniture For Small Homes

Is Your Home Getting Smaller As You Are Growing. Switch Your Home With These Innovative Furniture Specially Designed For Small Homes.

May 10, 2015

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." Clarke's law

When one has a lot of money but not a lot of room space which is and will be more common scenario in coming years due to space and location constraints, space saving hi-tech furniture will be a smart choice. City dwellings are often uncomfortable and cramped, but with creative use of high tech gadgets even a tiny apartment can be made to feel more like a spacious penthouse.

  • Modern transforming furnitures are always stylish and almost magical.
  • Smooth and effortless transition using hydraulics makes it easy with your fingertip.
  • Careful engineering has made it possible that, things can stay on its place even during transformation.
  • Space-saving furniture can be easily adapted to your changing needs.
  • It's not about space saving, it’s about space reinvention.

Small space movement also known as the "tiny house movement" is a popular description for the architectural and social movement that advocates living simply in small homes.

Smaller houses are often considered to be cozy and more welcoming because of the limited space. So, clever solutions need to be considered while choosing the furniture. Following are some of the transforming furniture inventions:

“All I Own House”

10 Space Saving High-Tech Furniture For Small Homes image 1

A set of sliding, modular dividers, which can transform a small, single-story space into a multifunctional home and studio.

The flexibility of the transformable home is based on the three mobile library stack-like units that slide from side-to-side to reveal a kitchen, bedroom, and dressing room.

10 Space Saving High-Tech Furniture For Small Homes image 2

Bedroom in a box

 "Bedroom in a Box" transforms into a range of furnishings including a bed, a desk, storage cupboards and a wardrobe. Once used, each module can be pushed back into the box and hidden out of sight.

Spotlight with an ambience lighting fixed above the bed's headboard.

10 Space Saving High-Tech Furniture For Small Homes image 3

Wall Beds

The unique invention of wall beds coupled with advanced technology is the ultimate solution for anyone wishing for space optimisation in the apartment while maintaining a sophisticated, urban look. During daytime these serve as sofa while during nighttime they can be transformed into a cozy bed. The design and technology have been implemented in such a way that while transforming the sofa to bed the things on the shelf can remain as it is.

10 Space Saving High-Tech Furniture For Small Homes image 4

Outdoor Furniture

Four comfortable chairs and a table can be put together like pieces of a puzzle and they all fit in a compact unit that resembles a rocket and makes a contemporary piece of decoration while compact.

Dinning table, desk or bed

10 Space Saving High-Tech Furniture For Small Homes image 5

This cool module can go from shelf to desk to dining table to even a bed with little effort the module comes in a classic red and white, and cushion-topped cubes mean you don't have to sacrifice comfort for compactness. 

10 Space Saving High-Tech Furniture For Small Homes image 6

Center Table

Seat folds down into a compact coffee table, more of a bench than a couch, allows quick transformation from table to seat.

10 Space Saving High-Tech Furniture For Small Homes image 7

Side table or Center table

Dynamic and use-driven as both a side table with recessed storage shelf and magazine nook (or end) as well as a coffee table with niche for remote control and other table top items.

10 Space Saving High-Tech Furniture For Small Homes image 8

Kitchen & Dining Table

You don't need a very large kitchen to be able to include a comfortable dining area or breakfast nook. You just need the right furniture, like this round table and these four chairs that perfectly fit underneath.

Chairs and sofas

10 Space Saving High-Tech Furniture For Small Homes image 9

Few folding chairs would be an ingenious solution which can be easily stored when not in use. Here are a few ingenious designs.

Transformation from chair to sofa, get comfy on the chaise or grab a nap on the sofa.

10 Space Saving High-Tech Furniture For Small Homes image 10

Home or office

Work + Play combo transforms to play an important part of work from home office to keep work and play separate.

So from next time never turn down an otherwise perfect apartment because of small size. As ingenious multifunctional transformation home designs can creatively comprise all the amenities of larger homes and may still have plenty of space left over.

Vandana WK
Vandana WK

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