Singapore Institute of Architects

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Eunos Technolink Blk 3, Kaki Bukit Road 1, #02-01, Kaki Bukit, Singapore

The Institute’s Mission is “To champion excellence in architecture and the built environment” and our vision is to see “Singapore as an Architecture Capital”.

The Institute’s general objectives are:

To generate in our community a greater awareness and appreciation of the value of a sustainable approach in good design and the built environment.
To advance the theory and practice of architecture through the support and reward for quality research and innovation in architectural design, practice and education.
To continually upgrade through the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Programme, the level of professionalism among architects in order to better serve our community.
To promote and provide a common template among architects through a collective vision of working towards a dignified and caring profession that upholds a high standard of professional conduct and ethics.

Strategic Plan
Four key strategic development strands will help SIA to fulfil its mission:

Principally to attain design leadership, to promote excellence in architecture through recognition and awards, education and continuing professional development, research and innovation

The key aspects include promoting design competition, to promote equitable conditions of appointment, to promote technical competency, to engage in proactive policy formulation.

The key aspects include continuing professional development and promoting quality architecture education.

The main emphasis is to enlarge membership, to increase opportunities, to enhance SIA-industry partnership, to promote globalization, to promote positive image of the profession.

Past Events by Singapore Institute of Architects (4)

Arch Xpo
Arch Xpo
28 - 30 Sep'16
Sia Getz Architecture Prize
Sia Getz Architecture Prize
15 Jul - 15 Oct'16
26 Sep - 10 Oct'15
Arch Xpo
Arch Xpo
29 Sep - 01 Oct'14