"Show Your World" International Art Competition 2015


31 Aug 2015

Online Event

Registration Ends: 31 Aug, 2015

Cost: ₹35

Organizer: Re:artiste

Website: reartiste.com

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"Show Your World" International Art Competition 2015

"Show Your World International Art Competition", submissions ends  31st August 2015 . They have invited the artists of various arts from across the world to welcome. It will be held to present the vision of artists towards the life and the world. Views and visions of professional and amateur matters are similar in this world which is full of diversity. Artists can show the significance of the urban humanity or wildlife.

The show organizers will give a chance to the twenty finalists and winners to display their original work at the Show Your World International Art Competition. Centerpiece of Contemporary Art is considered to be the major attraction of New York City. Many world famous artists who are the neighbors of New York City named Soho and Chelesa, Williamsburg and notorious Bushwick will display their forms of art. More than 1500 art shows and galleries hosted every year in New York City. Various renowned artworks from across the world can be viewed at New York City at your will and enjoy modern emerging arts. By participating in this competition, you can show your art skills to the millions of featured artists from across the world.

Winner of the Competition will be invited for an entire week at no accommodation cost to attend the Residency hosted by RE: ARTISE.