Their promise
Adorning every space with a lot of grandeur, incomparable quality and extreme fineness that can stay lasting, are some of the chief aims to fulfill which the RK Marble was established. The company has bought bulk of finest marbles with complete quality assurance as per the international standards. They utilize best in class technology. With a mantra to employ their expertise and experience, they provide every single customer with excellent and highly elegant products and services at budgeted range satisfying his needs and requirements.

Their legacy
They have put up a legacy of unmatched quality since the year 1989 and that is the reason that they have attained global recognition and prestige as a top notch and leading manufacturer of exceptional and superb marbles.

Their journey began with a small warehousing facility located at Kishangarh in Rajasthan. Soon after few years, the company started expanding its operations to different places within the territory of the state. With a mission and focused vision to proffer customers state-of-the-art quality in marbles, they executed highly advanced and up-to-the-minute technology from Italy and made sure that it is being operated by proficient and professional engineers who were meticulously selected for the company.

Group companies
Continuously following the legacy of the company to offer assurance of quality, transparency and prompt services, the group envisioned the budding cement company, Wonder Cement, to come out as the largest and most sought after cement company In India.

They founded first plant for green field project at Bhatkori Village in Nimbahera Tehsil with a manufacturing capacity to produce 3.25 million tons per year. It is integrated with high-tech machineries from a German Group named Thyssen Krupp & Pfeiffer Group. RK Marble has invested in ample resources in robotic technology ensuring consistency and stringent quality control in products.

There are manifold reasons to choose RK Marble likewise they have largest and wide variety of imported as well as Indian Marble. Besides, exclusive variants of marbles are available else except with them. They have received highest accreditations and built a strong network of suppliers. A number of leading and renowned business houses are included in their clientele. Most importantly, the group is dedicated to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. The company was started with a small village but at present scenario, it has gained worldwide attention and presence. It is also certified with an ISO 90001, 14001, and OHSAS 18001 certifications.

To experience the quality and scale of R K Marble, plan your visit to Destination Kishangarh today!

Research & Development

The Research and Development department contributes a major portion to the company's success and glory. They accept and implement the modern technology but at the same time, their R & D department develops it in-house also. The new and creative inventions of R & D are adopted by mining powerhouses worldwide to make sure the unmatched quality in products and to save cost, resources and time simultaneously. 

Blind Cut Technique It is a creative and extremely ground-breaking technique developed by R & D in order to develop of quarry front cut. The time consuming and wasting material Quarry Master is replaced by this technique. In this technique, there is two holes drilled up as per the required depth. Horizontal holes are connected by these two drilled holes for providing passage to slurry coming while back cut. There are two channel columns having end pulleys and a diamond wire. They are lowered down in the vertical holes. Connecting the columns to a diamond wire saw machine, you can achieve required cut. 

Dot Laser Alignment Device it is the true-to-date device and very helpful in aligning the drilling machine having a hole. It can also be used to align two drilling machines simultaneously.

Hole Finder it is an electronic instrument comprising of trans receiver for elaborating electronic signals. The exact frequency elaborated by the instrument helps electromagnetic waves to pass through rock material. It caters 90% accuracy in aligning the mismatch of holes.

Hydraulic Pushing Arm It is used to topple big rocks up to 3000 meters in few minutes which usually consume hours or even days with conventional machines.


We have come a long way since 1989, and our mantle of certifications, achievements and records is testament to our accomplishments.

Production Capacity:
    2 million tonnes annually
    80,000 square metres per day.
Record publisherRecord held
Guinness Book of World RecordsLargest producer of marble in the world
Limca Books of World RecordsLargest producer of marble in the world



Award name Awarded by Year
1st prize for Best Stand for Stone and Stone display - Stonemart - 2013 RIICO, FICCI and CDOS 2013
National Safety Award (Mines) The President of India - Shri Pranab Mukherjee 2011
Jain Vibhushan Jain Social Group''s International Federation 2010
State Level Bhamashah Award Department of School & Sanskrit Education, Govt. of Rajasthan 2010
Corporate Governance Award Rajasthan Chamber of Commerce & Industry 2004
SEERI Environment Award Society for Environment Education & Research 2004
The Best Stall for Stone & Stone Products (Outdoor) Centre for Development of Stones (CDOS) 2003
LAFP Award Directorate General of Mines Safety 2003
Model Marble Quarry award - Best Mechanised Quarry- First Prize Federation of Indian Mineral Industry (FIMI) & All India Granite & Stone Association (AIGSA) 2003
Social Welfare & Development Lions Club. Udaipur 2001
Indira Priyadarshini Award National Publication, New Delhi 2001
State Level Bhamashah Award Education Department, Bikaner 2001
Udyog Patra Award Institute of trade and Industrial Development, New Delhi 2001
Padm Divakar Shree Digamber Jain Atishaya Kshetra, Padampura, Jaipur 1999
Jain Gaurav All India Digamber Jain Samaj, Sikar 1998
Samman Patra Income Tax Department, Udaipur 1998