Racold Thermo Ltd. is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company. It is a subsidiary of Ariston Thermo group, Italy. Being one of the top notch companies across the globe, it deals in production and marketing of heating products for spaces and water. It has fully-equipped water heater plant located in Chakan, Pune, Maharashtra and it is being operated since the year 1999. Since the time of its inception, it has revolutionized the Indian water heater market with the introduction of highly advanced technology, enhanced aesthetics, performance, quality and increased durability of products.
Recent milestones:

The company won ‘best performed manufacturer on installation of solar water heaters’ for two consecutive years. Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) awarded Racold with ‘energy conservation award’ for four times due to the introduction of electric storage heaters in 2010-2013.

Racold Thermo Ltd. has been the technology leader in the Indian Market with many firsts to its credit:
1. In racold water heaters, exclusive Super Polymer High Performance (SPHP) is used ensuring maximum energy efficiency. This technology provides better thermal insulation and enhanced durability.
2. The water heaters are introduced with digital timer, external thermostat control and temperature display.
3. Water heaters are integrated with propylene body making them rust-resistant.
4. PUF insulation improves energy efficiency of water heaters.
5. Containers of water heaters are made from stainless steel which is specially treated making them resistant to corrosion. They are ideal for hard water.
At present, Racold Thermo Ltd. manufactures more than 5, 00,000 units per annum and therefore it has become the largest producer and marketer of water heaters.

Racold's SWITCH 2 GREEN Corporate Initiative for energy conservation wins the Bronze Award in the recently
concluded prestigious ABBYs Awards Function 2014 in Goa.
Racold wins the National energy conservation award by BEE 2013 fourth time in a row.
MNRE Award- Best Performed Manufacturer on Installation of Solar Water Heaters for 2 yrs in a row
MNRE Award- the Best Service and Dealer NetworkA' 13.
Racold Does a HATTRICK!Wins the National energy conservation award by BEE in 2012
Racold awarded the 'Most Preferred Water Heater Brand'
Best Performed Manufacturer on installation of Solar Water Heaters in 2011-12
Racold wins Government's Energy Award 2011 Making it twice in row- 2010 & 2011