Profine is the determined response to the complex improvement of the global business sector for uPVC profiles. Under the brands KBE, KOMMERLING and TROCAL, they provide UPVC profiles for windows and entryways, shades and veneers and along with UPVC sheets. The group was created in 2003, when HT TROPLAST combined its profile business exercises.

At present, plastic is the best window material and its piece of the overall industry is always developing. In private development, its impart is of 60 % though even seven out of ten windows utilized as a part of remodel of old structures are made of plastic materials. KOMMERLING proffers innumerable frameworks. Thus, every outline wish can be satisfied with distinctive edge and band statures and profundities, twofold scarf components without settled focus post, transom/mullion mixes, genuine Georgian bars and so on.

Productivity, outline, capacity, physical properties, the natural insurance and dependable treatment of crude material assets meet the most astounding prerequisites and consolidate impeccably with the skill of the window makers to everybody's advantages.


Thinking ahead - The future of windows in strong brands
Profine - the international profile group with a future. A company that possesses the crucial prerequisites to lead and define tomorrow's market.

With their successful brands KBE, KOMMERLING and TROCAL, they have the right profile for every purpose and are the world-wide No. 1 manufacturer of plastic window profiles.

In addition, they are in a position to react flexibly and individually to the specific demands of the markets. This is because, in addition to their German production sites, they also produce in France, Italy, Russia, China, Ukraine, Spain, the USA and India having a tight network of sales offices. This is how they offer top-quality products and consulting worldwide.

When it comes to plastic windows, profine thinks ahead. With fresh ideas, future-shaping technology and the successful brands KBE, KOMMERLING and TROCAL. Their combined experience and expertise along with the creativity and flexibility of their brands put them in the lead market position with regard to both volume and quality. They leverage this advantage in the market for their customers' success.

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