Karigari Vadodara, India, January 2015


22 Jan 2015

Venue: Ramanbhai Amin Auditorium, FGI Business Centre, Gotri-Sevasi Road, Khanpur, Near Sevasi, Vadodara, Gujarat, India- 391101

Cost: Free

Organizer: Design Innovation and Craft Resource Centre

Website: nationalcraftseminar2015.dicrc.in

Contact Person: Mitraja Vyas

Call: +91-9879093501

Mail: mitrajavyas@gmail.com

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Karigari Vadodara, India, January 2015

Karigari is a one day event held on 22 January 2015 at Ramanbhai Amin Auditorium, Vadodara celebrates the craftsmanship of the Indian craftsman who gives shape to numerous craft forms of our nation. Crafts being inherent part of society became an extension of community it originated from. It  provides a cultural identity, taking a form of various Craft Traditions in various parts of our nation. Our Craft Traditions have two prime factors- The Karigar (craftsperson) and his Karigari (skilfulness). The National Craft Seminar 2015 'Karigari: Crafting the Future' basically hold discussions on topics like Craft Design Collaborations, Craft in Interior Architecture and Entrepreneurship and Market Perspectives for looking looks towards the future of the Karigari of  Indian Karigar.

Garvi Gurjari National Craft Fair and Summit 2015

Government of Gujarat is organizing "Garvi-Gurjari National Craft Fair & Summit 2015" at Rajmahel road in Baroda, India at Polo Ground from 20-28 January 2015.This event on a common platform shows handicrafts and handloom products of Gujarat and from all over the country. It provides an opportunity for the artisans to directly interact with buyers for their business to get enhance and share the values acquired with the people.