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Heady Vanilla Rediffuser

Heady Vanilla Rediffuser

Brand:Freedom Tree Design Space
Model:fg dif oil vanil
BrandFreedom Tree Design Space


The Rediffuser Infuses The Air With Dreamy Notes Of Vanilla And Gently Freshens Indoor Air At Home And The Workplace. The Essential Oil Is Based On An Extract Of The Humble Vanilla Pod.

Care Instructions : Not For Consumption. Keep Out Of Reach Of Children And Pets. Avoid Contact With Skin And Eyes. Do Not Use For Anything Other Than What The Product Is Intended For. Avoid Contact With Wooden, Polished And Synthetic Surfaces As The Oil May Cause Staining. Avoid Heat Sources And Open Flames. Do Not Light The Reeds.

Material: Fragranced Oil & Reeds

  • Breadth: 2"
  • Height: 9"
Contains: 1
Color: Ivory
Volume Ml / Gms: Net Wt Of Content: 60 Ml