We help our customers strike balance between today’s challenges and tomorrow’s opportunities…… and we do the same for ourselves.

With over a decade of experience in installing special purpose custom designed elevators, Freight elevators, Dumb Waiters and Passenger elevators. We at Easa® are ready for any challenges in the vertical transportation sector.

At EASA® we have a modern manufacturing facility at Manesar, Gurgaon. The activities cover, design on German designer software’s comprising of exhaustive dimension and 3D images of all types of elevators, calculation for precise implementation of design & execution on shop floor through experience and appropriate machines.

We lead through innovation and strong outsourcing. Most critical parts like Microprocessor controllers, safety devices, automatic doors and drives are imported from leading manufactures all over the world.

The small civil dimensions result in saving immense space in each and every project. More so we can design elevators to fit into any shafts built already. We could also provide elevators fitted in steel and glass structures outside or within the buildings.

Every project is monitored by our engineers and we interact with your architects and consultants with detailed drawings and 3D presentations.

Direct Installation of Elevators.
The installation of EASA elevators is undertaken by specialized technicians trained by us and who work exclusively for us.

Codes & By-laws
We respect the codes and by-laws of the lift authority and ensure that the lifts are fitted as per IS specifications in force.

We ensure that the best safety equipments are fitted and tested at each and every site for reliability and performance.

EASA offers comprehensive maintenance contract which is reasonably priced and we undertake to maintain the equipment and attend to the call back services.