E3 Extrusion Inc. is a Manufacturer of Specialty Extrusion Profile with Modified materials in WPC (Wood Plastic composite), . An E3 Extrusion Inc... is founded by Ganesh. M an Engineering Graduate in Polymer Science & Technology from University of Mysore, Mysore. With a wide experience in Polymer Research, Development, Technical Solutions and marketing.

E3 is having highly qualified experience Technologist to produce high quality and consistent Extrusion products. The objective of the company is to provide effective solutions to the Wood users, wood converters, Furniture makers, Builders , Interior & Exterior Designers. The solutions are in the form Extrusion profiles with modified properties like, precolor , UV stabilized ,predesigned Extrusion profiles and complete solution to meet customers unique specification and requirements.

Specialty Extrusion Profiles in Wood plastics Composites (WPC) ,Thermoplastics & Engg plastics became a burgeoning, fast-growing, market demand for these hybrids has been on the increase, especially in Building & Construction , Interiors, Garden ,outdoor products, Electrical , Agriculture ,Lighting Industry, where these products are replacing , Wood ,metals , Aluminum and other heavy weight materials.

Our Wood plastic composites Extrusion Profiles skills are applied to enhance and enrich the properties to make them suitable for applications, where the original base wood would not fulfill the need. The company has the latest Twin screw Extruders and Single Screw Extruders to handle all Wood plastic composites & Plastic material s and for new product & new wood plastic composite material development supporting by his sister concern organization GLS Polymers Pvt Ltd (one of leading manufacturer of specialty Bends ,Compounds & reactive polymers in thermoplastic & Engg plastics ) .GLS is equipped with latest highly sophisticated Intermeshing Co rotating Twin Screw Extruder lines with in-house Research & Development department to develop new product and produce consistent material


Their Mission is to Provide Complete & Effective Solutions in the application of WOOD replaced by Eco friendly WPC ( Wood Plastic Composite) extending & enriching properties through innovative research and development in order to give the best combination of Eco-friendly ,performance, processability and cost efficiency in meeting customer requirements. This they shall achieve through regular investment in the upgradation of knowledge base, equipment and process technology


In an age, when science has successfully attempted to increase life-expectancy of man, man ' s own desire to create super materials which can withstand extreme heat or cold and yet can be elastic enough to mould it in various shapes has led to WPC.

Rare trees in tropical rainforests require several decades to reach full maturity. More than 30 years ago, observing the destruction caused by mankind in the Amazon and other rain forests, Wood has been a standard building,Furniture,Decking,Railing & interior material for centuries. However, with the rise of global warming and deforestation, wood-alternatives are increasing in popularity and use. Thanks to modern technology, we have been able to create a product that will decrease the need for wood materials.

Let's face it-wood deteriorates. It cracks, it rots, its splinters, it is prone to mildew and mold the list goes on. As an organic material, it's a breeding ground for bacteria and a hearty meal for termites and other insects. From an environmental standpoint, wood cannot be recycled, and its production leads to deforestation.

These Wood plastic composites extrusion profiles are widely used in Interior, Exterior, Furniture, Building & Construction, etc. These products are widely using in developed countries like Europe , USA , China , Japan ,Australia etc...

The Wood Plastic Composite Extrusion Profiles can be replaced for wood and its has many advantages over Wood.

WPC combines the properties of wood and plastic offering a highly durable and surprisingly malleable material. Builders, interior and exterior decorators and furniture manufacturers are embracing this magic material across India in a big way. Civic authorities are exploring ways of using WPC in parks and other public properties which should withstand the vagaries of both natural forces and human vandalism.

True to its form, WPC is resistant to moisture, rotting, corrosion resistant, aging resistant, Sound absorbing, outstanding performance in energy-saving, acid-resistant, crack resistance and splitting. It is highly durable and requires low maintenance. It is processed like plastic but behaves like wood.

Specialty Wood & Natural Composites (WPC) became a burgeoning, fast-growing, market demand for these hybrids has been on the increase, especially in Interiors, Exterior,Garden ,outdoor products,Agriculture ,Furniture,Building & Construction where these products are replacing , Wood ,metals , Aluminum and other heavy weight materials.

Wood Plastic composites Characteristics

  • Water Resistance and Termite Resistance
  • No crack and easy maintenance
  • Good Dimensional Stability, Slip Resistance ( Wet or Dry)
  • Cuts, Fastens/Nail, Resistance to decay
  • Painting Not require ( if u need you can paint also)
  • Outstanding Screw and nail retention
  • UV Resistance and Long Life
  • Shock Resistance & Electrical Insulator
  • Fungal & Rot resistance
  • Thermal insulation
  • Environment Friendly & 100% Recyclable
  • Sound absorbing, outstanding performance in energy-saving etc.