Carnival of Life Exhibition Bangalore 2015


08 - 29 Aug 2015

Venue: Kynkyny Art Gallery, 104 Embassy Square, 148 Infantry Road, Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Cost: Free

Organizer: Kynkyny

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Carnival of Life Exhibition Bangalore 2015

Carnival of Life Exhibition Bangalore 2015 being held from 08th to 29th August 2015 at the Kynkyny Art Gallery in Bangalore distinctively features the recent works of Dhrubajyoti Baral who is a renowned artist based in Bangalore. He is counted as the leading contemporary as well as poetic artist of the country due to his romantic and radiant tempera of art works. The entire show of Carnival of Life Exhibition invokes the dreamy vision of all the young art lovers, musicians, women in the solitude of happiness and many more by significantly combining the regional traditions, folklore and indigenous inspiration with playful imagination and contemporary style.

The artistic style of Baral essentially sings an affluent rustic ballad for the observers where a heavenly communion between natural world and human world can be seen. According to him, nature is the most powerful source of art and imagination.