Arambol Hammock is one of the most significant brand names of renowned Red Earth Handicrafts Pvt. Ltd. , which was incorporated by an Indian as well as co-owned by Helene Riverin and Andreas Huber. The significant headquarter of this extra ordinary firm is situated in Arambol at Goa. Besides this rough history of the firm, there exists a long story behind the existence of this amazing firm.

One of the significant owners of this firm Andreas Huber visited this amazing village of Arambol in Goa in the 80’s during his extensive journey of South Asia. He found the place extremely peaceful and nature’s heaven which was inhabited by some hippy citizens. Being tired of his journey, he made a hammock out of his creativity to sleep. Since then, the innovative idea of creating outstanding hammock came out in existence.

The very first invention of creativity invented by him in the years 1999 and 2001 include the flying chair as well as the Flying carpet respectively. The major aim behind the invention of this extra ordinary innovation was to provide ultimate level of comfort, performance as well as functionality for the people. The major focus of the other owner Helene is to ensure effective aesthetics in their products. Due to the existence of tropical weather in Goa, they have majorly concentrated on using contrast as well as bright colors.

Philosophy and Manufacturing Practices

They significantly believe in the philosophy of providing outstanding quality in the form of all round experience. A very limited edition of Arambol Hammocks products are made available for the people as they are handcrafted by the skilled designers. All their designs have been specifically made in accordance with achieving appropriate comfort with a healthy posture of the body. The Goa boutique of Arambol Hammock subsequently introduces all their products to every individual for experiencing their comfort.

They also offer significant maintenance as well as training to the customers prior to the purchase of their products. They also proffer quality services in terms of installation of the products thereby also ensuring long lasting durability. Besides, they are also very much concerned about the protection of environment through sustainable practices.